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FMA: Valentine's Gift 2


What did the two most dangerous Homunculi get for that special human of theirs? :confused:

Apologies for the paper and scan quality. That's the last time I buy art supplies on sale. :doh:
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XD "That's cats!!"

The top panel, so funny and cute.


King: Don't worry, I hear you can drop them off miles away and they can sniff their way back home.
"Oh, Kingn-- silly-mixed-up-possibly- seconds-left-to-live-King-- I think you're confusing Selim WITH A DOG!!" (jabs his head into fish-tank, making him die once, before pulling his head out) "We're talking about my son! And if you prefer keeping those limbs, appendages and orifices exactly where they are, you'll find him, pronto!"
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Oh yes, Selim the Cat^^ Wrong Serie, but who cares XD
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lol i like the fact that pride(or wrath) was holding selim by the foot.
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hhhhhhh HHHHHHHHHH this is hilarious..... and wrath confusing between cats and children :D
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This woman must be pretty special with both Wrath and Pride have to fight like that!
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"And do put away your sword, love."

I lol'd at that.
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haha. that was great :D
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Poor Mrs. Bradley having to put up with these two.

Great comic! You have a brilliant way of showing the unseen love between this family! :D
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