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FMA: Valentine's Gift 1


I know, this is rather late. :doh: Oh well.

Inspired by the 'Bradley's-@-home' scene in episode 44 of FMA: Brotherhood. Also, I've always wondered if Wrath resented all the attention Pride received from Mrs. Bradley once he started living with them. :D
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XD Too funny.
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Wrath listen to big brother and repeat after me "Selim and I got you this gift for Valentines day"
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I like this version of them. XD
DanomaruZenon's avatar
Is Wrath and Pride acting??? Cause this seems a tad too convincing!!!
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This is hilarious! XD I never thought of Wrath and Pride's relationship like this! It's so cute to see them competing for the attention of Mrs. Bradley. I love how Wrath's height gives him a way to knock Pride around.

I have a theory that Pride came to live with Wrath and Mrs. Bradley to keep a closer eye on him--but this interpretation is so adorable and makes me think that they're sometimes they're not just putting on a show to keep her in the dark! At least I'd like to think so...^^ You draw them very well, too! ^^
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Rofl. That's eerie. People know why.
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Dawww~! Yes I found someone else who adores Bradley/Wifey ^__^
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Ok, you're sooo getting me into this little trio here - I'm going :+fav:-spamming through your gallery lol ^^;
You make these 2 supposilly evil dudes seem so LOVABLE!
Hehe love Seliem in the middle panel :meow:
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Yay! Bradleys love!
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