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FMA: Too Much Information

Father's new motto: 'If you got it, FLAUNT IT!!'
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Okay, we've exhibitionistic Father, two traumatised homunculi, a scarred little girl, a wtf-like housewife, a freaked out alchemist and his fam and one really lucky blind bastard.
KannaAsa's avatar
He must look like a Mannequin XD
ArclightsFangirl10's avatar
Roy: Really?
Me: No.
Roy: Damn it.
Pride: Seriously where did you came from!!
TheHorrorOfComedy's avatar
Father: Sup bitches HELICOPTER HELICOPTER !!!
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
Roy you lucky bastard...XD
animedisneyluver809's avatar
Poor innocent Selim and Mei. They'll never be the same again.
youkai-kappa's avatar
Roy flailing around in the background really makes it tho
BlackAlpha99's avatar
i thought i was the only one who saw that
Papy14's avatar
lol i thought that too
roller323's avatar
Roy is at maximum luck mode
ammyfan13's avatar
They'll never be the same again, except for Roy XD
OvertureSpirit's avatar
LOLz! Edward's face xD
kidakabane's avatar
Pame-chan-16's avatar
mustang is lucky XD
WoundedHeartless's avatar
Am i the only one that wants to see what Father wants to show..? ;D
Blurreh's avatar
I only favorited this for poor little Roy in the corner of the second panel. =w=
DracoWolf316's avatar
Poor Roy? As far as I'm concerned he's the lucky one in the picture.
Chibinekostar2's avatar
I thought I would have made a comment on this by now. :shakefish: I love how Hohenhiem is like 'I REALLY don't think that's appropriate ...' and Izumi's expression says 'WTF?!' :rofl:
MissCawood's avatar
LOL I just peed a little. that was really funny :D
seadragon33's avatar
Love how you have mustang in the back round XD
Kelsyjones's avatar
I feel especially bad for Pride and Greed. No one wants to see that much of their father...
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