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FMA: Still Got It

Daddy is not amused by your arrogant faggotry adult!Selim. I'm really liking the idea of him being all grown up (and hawt).

Reads right to left. I unconsciously drew it that way; probably means I've been reading too much manga. It's amazing the effect of a great font on a fan comic, as well as the simple text wrap effect in PS. Starting to mess around with a fantastic PS plug-in 'Manga Effects' by TNK, which can digitally create radial and speed lines for those who fail at it in RL. :D
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that was time when we didint know truth but still it was fun to think these right?
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Buh... But it's been shown that Selim never grows up! T^T
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Actually, while he doesn't age, he can adjust his body to mimic aging. He does that so no one goes "Wow. The Fuhrer's son looks the same age as he did a few years ago".
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This is true... But ti still doesn't go much farther than a few years >>
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:drool: Adult!Selim.......sooo HOT! :giggle:

You sooo know that with age you gain experience, and with King Bradley....phew he gots a whole lot. *sighs* Poor Selim can never fill his pops shoes. :lmao:
Here from LJ - this is really a lot of fun!
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