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Quite a lot had changed within the eight years since she'd last seen the Crown Prince of Amestris, the most obvious being that Selim was no longer a little boy. Mei could not help but notice that fact.

And Queen Amestris
still smiled mysteriously at them, though now she shared those secret smiles with her husband. The queen's consort, Sir Bradley, now made it a habit of pulling 'kissy-faces' at them both during meals, much to the amusement of the Queen and to Selim and Mei's joint mortification.

Eeee, older!Selim!
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I now have a new favorite pairing
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Yes.....These two are defiantly one of my (many) OTPs.
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*nosebleed* SELIM YOU'VE BECOME more handsome than the other boys in fma! >////<
bloodclancat's avatar
OMG Selim is so....SO......CUTE!!! XD
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Yeaaah! My favorite freak couple of all FMA :iconkermityayplz:

Great work, the two continue being extremely adorables
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D'aaaw! Older Selim is so... handsome!cute! XD

Becoming a fine young man, that he is. :nod:


Too bad he is now in a fetus-state in the Manga. XU

Ah, well--we still have the fandom to look forward to!
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