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FMA: Selim x Mei 4komas4

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Oh, Wrath and Pride. How could you both claim to be superior to humans and still fail so hard?! *facepalm.jpg*

Stick figure drawings are so much fun!
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This is so cute. I hope you make more. Your art is really fun and I love your portrail of Wrath, Mei, Mrs. Bradley, and Pride/Selim! 
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It's adorable how hes trying so hard not to be scary, and yet Mei can still feel all the malice and twisted souls he harbors.

Oh well, go get her Pride! XD
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Daww, I love this! I want a page 5! Seriously, I do!
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Love this!
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This is really cute!:D
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Ironically he's like an old man, you think over time he might have picked up a few pointers.
And become less of an asshole.
Don't take that wrong. He's my fav character.
But also an asshole.
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Ooooooh! Please update! You got me hooked on Pride!SelimxMei!
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i don't blame her I just got nigthmares with pride yesterday. I'm 19 and It's the third time I see the serie and I had nigthmares with pride I must be stupid jajajaja this was kawai :3
Sarchale's avatar do you read this?! D: I wanna read it! What order do the panels go in?
Avera-of-Light's avatar cute! :love: Its so adorable! Selim, as powerful as you are, you are weak to the true power of LO~VE!! :XD:
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Ahahah, I love it :XD:
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I think the only FMA related fan arts/comics I'm looking at is yours alone! I don't feel like going to other fan arts so the only FMA thing I do now in DA is waiting for your awesome PRIDE comics! cuz it's totally hilarious! ^^D
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Aww, Selim. Something tells me he'll shape up to a be a real nice gentleman.
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Awwww poor Pride.... trying so hard yet still scaring the cr@p out of the poor girl XD
This is such a cute yet odd pairing >w<
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