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FMA: Selim x Mei 4komas2

In matters of human females, Wrath is very much like a human male. :D

You're better off asking for advice from yo' mama, Pride.
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"WHERE?!" "Pffft, Psych" XDDDD
Bayamo's avatar
HAHA! I like it! King advising your 'son' with it, through he have 60 years! XD
Optimusthemobian's avatar
Looks like Pride's pride just got wounded!
Nadurflaa's avatar
Wrath: Oh is that her?
Pride: WHERE?
LMAO XDD Great job~
Peachkunq's avatar
Oooh Pride got played by his own father & LOL W/Pride jumping when wrath said "oh is that her"
SNEEDHAM507's avatar
oh man...i wisk this was how Wraith acted
-dead because to many laughing-
xFurasshu's avatar
Hahaha that's excellent ! :D
Momogurl's avatar
Speaking from experience! XDD
xXMoonOwlXx's avatar
I think Mrs. Bradley might have some better advise too XD
WTF1's avatar
Wrath and Pride have such a unique relationship; at one point its really does look like a teasing Father and embearessed Son moment and the next its a younger brother laughing at his older brother. You are a genius for balancing between them!
XbinaryBrwnfanartist's avatar
XD I like Wrath's alternating between speaking as a mature father and as an immature brother to Pride. XD
vegitariandino's avatar
This is hilarious! SelimxMei is my new crack OTP.
And the last panel just made my facepalm.
Thechilean's avatar
are you gonna continue this cuz it's really hilarious!
Little-Ms-Inuzuka's avatar
LOL this is hillarious <3 So Wrath is reading a Xing book to get to know her better? XD
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
can't stop the laughter! :lmao:

omg pride wrong person to ask 'bout love :stab:
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sashimigirl92's avatar
lol teh harder you hit you the more they like you XD lol
a way of life...
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And yet, he will be heart broken when he finds out Mei is fangirling over the Elric that is just a freaking suit of armor! XD

(No offense to Alphonse; he rules. > x> [/nods])
Qashqai's avatar
Oh God, I just thought that he took the control over Al hoping that he'll met Mei and she'll glomp him or something LOLOL
TropicalFreckles's avatar

He was using the 'LAWL I'M USING YOUR BROTHER AS LEVERAGE ON YOUR ASS ED', as an excuse to go and flirt with Mei! > x> Sneaky little bastard is sneaky! LAWL.
RaposaBranca's avatar
Thank you for explaining to me where did the expression "hitting on you" came from, it never made sense to me */not*

I like these 4-komas! XD
YayImBored's avatar
wow this is funny,
Wrath should stop trying to "help" Pride. I love your comics, make more!
preciousblacksteel's avatar
Words cannot express how much your 4komas crack me up. xDDD
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