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FMA: On the Home Front

Sure, King Bradley was a military man with a legendary temper who was used to discipline and barking out precise orders. A complex man with a pathological dependancy on tea, far too many sharp blades at his disposal and an excessive fondness for his wife's melons...but

Fitroy and Kain knew that their Father was just like any other person - beating within the mighty figure was a heart that desired warmth, family and love. Father showed it every time he came home from his tours of duty, and it showed now.

All was well on the home front.


...uh, hey. Long time no see.

Yes, I'm still alive and around. My health decided to be a big, gigantic twunt and ruin the second half of last year. But getting better, so don't worry. And there's a backlog of fanart waiting to be uploaded, too.

Anyway, I have this entire FMA AU all plotted out in my head. I would really like to write a grand epic about it but unfortunately writing anything longer than ficlets always goes to shit for me. >_<; Also, that's how you wear a pencil mustache, (Fitz)Roy!!! Learn from THE BOSS.

Thanks to everyone watching/faviing. You're all awesome!! :)
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*Flails* More, more, more!!!!!
Oh my goodness. I am so happy to see that you've posted more art... I rp as Mrs. Bradley on tumblr... and I haven't been active for awhile (my Bradley deactivated... <_<)... and I've been trying to get back into that and seeing these lovely Bradley pics makes me so happy. :D I adore you're Bradleys, and your artwork has always been a great inspiration for my writings/characterization.
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I'm glad that you're feeling better, I'm sorry you were sick : ( Yay, your human Bradley AU, I love it ^_^ I love your placement of his sparse wrinkles. ^^ I like the couch, it must have taken a long time to make those patterns ^^ I like how he looks so satisfied and calm--and a little naughty with the way he's looking at Mrs. B. ^^

I like that her hair's red ^^, I can totally see her as a ginger ^^

I like Bradley's red tie, he never gets to wear red in the series, makes me sad D:

I love Mrs. B.'s pose, it's very relaxed, I like that she's not wearing shoes, and I like how her dress folds over her knees, it's very realistic ^^

The children are so cute, I like how the one that looks like Roy is studying--is that Hiragana? And Kain is playing with the figurines ^^

Really detailed Flamel cross on the book, this is a great drawing ^__^ As always, I love your work! ^_^
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welcome back HighWind, we missed ya! i'm glad you have gotten better!!
after not hearin from you for a long time i started gitting worried about you >_<'
glad to see you're okay though!
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Awwww... that's so adorable~
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great to see Bradley in his early years ^^.... Mrs Bradley is gorgeous and all four look so serene and so in peace... wonderful :clap: