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FMA Longing

Loathed as he was to admit it, Pride wondered at times how it would be like to hold her hand, to talk to her or just to be near her. Would he have the same expression of contained happiness as Wrath did whenever Mother was around?

For ~Qashqai and =SoinyMariaRose because they came up with the idea of Pride taking control of Al just to get close to Mei. :lmao:
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Winning Al
Mei 1 Pride 0
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Wow, that would be interesting concept, but I don't think Pride has that much humanity, even if Selim does. Selim's soul isn't present asa force until the moment when edward starts to kill pride. I think this would be good if it happened i the show, but diffeent. As promised day approaches, Father is thinking of how May can use alchemy after he binds it, and sends Pride to use Alphonse to eliminate her. Would be a scary moment.
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O-Oh my god. I LOL'd so hard at this. Oh, Selim. xD
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LOL, the Pride's face is epic xD

Psychopath, but epic
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I lol'd when I saw evil looking Pride behind the tree. XDDDDDDD
But yes, that's adorable. :heart: :3
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HAH... Mei doesn't know who she's truly fangirling over at the moment, but--none the less, it's adorable. In some twisted way. :heart:
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