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FMA: Fishing

When she beckoned him to come inside so she can clean and tend to his wounds, he replied:
"HA! Bandages are for weak humans!"

I have an icon on LJ of Wrath piledriving a shark and I wanted to expand on it. Yeah, I dunno.

Even if he is a Homunculus, Wrath takes his role as provider for his family verrry seriously.
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I think he's related to Sig
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put up a link to the picture of wrath piledriving a shark please
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This is what I like about FMA. Men are men! Is it weird that I want a man like him?
Bradley the homunculus human super soldier.
me : -dumbfounded while standing ofession- uhuk!!
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Bradley, or the man who fishes sharks, normal x'D !!
DanomaruZenon's avatar
And clearly doesn't let even a shark get in the way of his providing duties!!!
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pure awesomeness
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This couple is so cute! Please keep making more!
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Excuse me ma'am, I'm looking for a man like Bradley. Do you know where I can find one?
LOL win!
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Where can I find a man like Bradley??
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LOL this is awesome cool art
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I actually love you. And this.
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Oh, god. This is hilarious.
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HOW can you ALWAYS draw good things *_____*

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"Excellent! I caught you 5" Omg that made me laugh so hard XD
What a nice husband :meow: He's gonna need a couple bandaids for that though ^^;
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<---- Will never be okay..... Never.....

*sniffle* Brad...... TT_TT
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I see Wrath as old fashioned in somje ways. XD
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Haha, reminds me of Izumi and Sig with their bear!
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