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FMA FVII Crossover

Father/Mother OTP, yo. who's the eldest: Pride or Sephiroth?
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I just saw Advent Children today...I am clutching my side because I am laughing so hard!
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Sure ROFL in this one. Great!
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On Father's side of the family, we have the Seven Deadly Sins. On Jenova's side we have Sephiroth, Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo and possibly Cloud...The War of the Siblings will be told for generations to come...
I absolutely love it! I have no idea who would win in a Battle for the Eldest position but it would be interesting nonetheless. Hope you find time to post something soon!
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O_O Oh. My. God.
*dies satisfied*
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Holy shiz this is hilarious!!!! I wonder how they met!? 8O
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haha lol so awesome
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Let it be known that I was laughing too hard to type for a few minutes before I posted this. Great stuff.

...So on the other side of things, how are Ed and Cloud getting along? xD
Oh my God, this is great. I don't think that will ever cease being funny. You're awesome.
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OH HELL NO! :rofl: I can sooo see Sephiroth and Bradley fighting for supiriorty and maybe whining to Mother and Father the other brother is being unfair :XD:
...I put 10 on Sephiroth beating the bejeezus out of pride in an elder sibling fight. I know they're both military elite, but srsly, it's Sephiroth.

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I saw the concept of this OTP before. It's one of my favorite crossover pairings. XD

Also, I love the ridiculously long title.
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haha half of me wants to laugh and the other half is dude >D
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