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Just a silly reference to FMA ch 15. Oh, that King Bradley. That's what you get for goofing off when you should be working. :D

Gravity: 1 Homunculus: 0
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So I wasn't the only one who imagined this happening...
... 'YOLO' I guess? XD
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AHAHA aha just excellent I burst out laughing!!
Aburameclanhead's avatar
Awesome. Just awesome.
XbinaryBrwnfanartist's avatar
LOLOLOLLOLOLOL!!! And XD at "Gravity: 1, Homunculus: 0." XDXD
the-nadir's avatar
Thumbs up for Fuhrer Bradley! :thumbsup: Did it for the LULZ. :rofl: Instant :+fav:
Red-Tatsu's avatar
If he still had that melon he gave to Ed, he could have broken his fall.
oOGreenBalloonOo's avatar
I love this 4koma so goddamn much!:rofl:
CJB95's avatar
that is the only reason i like bradley. He is a strange new kind of lunatic
bloodclancat's avatar
For the lulz!!! XXDDDDD
redchinese's avatar
I think gravity always wins despite what people may think, but its bradly so this loss was completely honorable IMHO

HaughtyFlaki's avatar
This really made my day xD
live4him4eva's avatar
Can I please make an icon of the picture of Bradley in the last panel? I sure hope you say yes cause I will probably do it anyway. O_O So funny. XD
Awesomey's avatar
last panel ftw :D
Qashqai's avatar
For the LULZ. :lmao:
I love Bradley xDD I wonder what kind of guy would he be without Wrath >D
D-Thessy's avatar
epic win!! XDD
Lomelindi88's avatar
HE WOULD. XD Him and his strange mellon obsession.
Ani-Roma702's avatar
:rofl: Oh man!! Even the king can't defy gravity! :XD: Just for the lulz! :lmao:
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