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RUN ROY!!!!!!!
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You dun goofed, Mustang.
HarpieKing07's avatar
:D You´re really gonna get it now, Roy :D
SpiceWolf18's avatar
Hughes: Oh...shit.... We bye Roy, I'll say something a your funeral.... 
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*Is being dragged away by Bradley*
"No!!!! Don't leave me, Hughes!"
*Is like 'Oh Crap, I'm gonna die' *
"Maes.....? MAES?!"
*Is now crying while being dragged down the hall*
SpiceWolf18's avatar
Ahaha!! He kinda deserved it. 
The-Fallen-Otaku's avatar
He kinda does. Lol.
At that moment, Roy knew he dun fucked up.
iceprencess's avatar
SHIZ...uhhh, Roy, ya might wanna run ror it...^.^'
KannaAsa's avatar
Oh you little! CX XDDDDD
roller323's avatar
Roy: uh, mercy?
katten05's avatar
glove slap glove slap CHALLENGE ACCEPTED roy just liek OH SHIT
SonicSpeedz's avatar
ammyfan13's avatar
Oh no, he'll never see his dream of all the female soldiers wearing mini skirts XD
Claary's avatar
Brilliant XD
Slick-Exists's avatar love shack...
Nadurflaa's avatar
XDDD Run get your ass out of their xD
magicwolfimp's avatar
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED:iconchallengeacceptedplz:

i sense doom in Roy's future:fear:
Louricam's avatar
you better run run Roy
Solidsnake2236's avatar
For those who dont understand: In the old days, mostley Europe in the 18th and 19th century, a man would challenge another to a duel by slapping the other across the face with his glove. Appherently Bradley thinks the Flame wants to duel him XD
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