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About Literature / Artist Amira18/Female/United States Group :iconpoets-and-warriors: Poets-and-Warriors
Memory Tattoos & Scar Tissue
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i'm not doing this again
i really shouldn't
but something pulls me in
too much crap to think about
too little time for resolution
a lack of appreciation
and plenty degradation
a pile of rotten things
left to decay
sit inside my head
i have to stop
i should stop
nothing will halt though
no matter how hard anyone tries
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 9 6
Water (Original Song Lyrics)
It falls from the sky,
It may drown you with life
There's a chance it'll pull you
Throw you over,
Launch you forward,
Send you somewhere you've never been before.
[Verse 1]
Don't let go,
Can't you see the rapid are over taking me?
I can't breath,
I can't breath.
I'm not good when it comes to swimming...
It falls from the sky,
It may flood you with life
There's a chance it'll pull you
Throw you over,
Launch you forward,
Send you somewhere you've never been before.
[Verse 2]
In silence,
We sit in a tub,
Slowly the water grows colder
Until before you know it it's ice.
You can't move.
One can't even drown.
[Verse 3]
Something inside of me has stopped.
It might of been my heart,
Maybe it was too much?
My mind continues to run despite my frozen body.
A chill seeps into my cranium.
It falls from the sky,
It may drown you with life
There's a chance it'll pull you
Throw you over,
Launch you forward,
Send you somewhere you've never been befo
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 2 3
I'm done.
I'm not going do this anymore.
I have to take the medicine.
Swallow it down.
Kill myself.
Extinguish the emotions.
It will hurt.
Cause others pain as well.
I rather not end up in psych though.
Let go of the past? No.
She's gone and I'm still here.
Why the fuck did you do it with me there?
I already lost my mother.
Then I lost you too.
I'm fucking tired of this shit you put me through.
I tried to follow you...
How many more times do I need to try?
Another four or nine?
I almost did it this time.
Almost isn't there though.
Why can I still remember everything?
My memories are too fine.
A crisp sharp line of everything bad that's happened in my life.
They outweigh the good because the sour always follows.
Something always goes wrong.
Perhaps this should stay a secret song.
However, it's not even that.
It's just words on your screen.
From someone you don't even know.
I wish I was lying...
I'm going to die soon, probably?
Maybe not.
I don't know.
I'm a failure.
Someone not wo
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 8 5
Ya know what?
Life is shit,
But we got to live with it.
I've learned that
And I still don't know if I'll last.
Everything gets swept up and thrown around
When you go balistic.
Terrifying really,
You get so frightened by your own shadow
You jump and go over the threshold.
Another mess to clean up,
Shattered pieces of more than just your life,
And it's those fragments you can't forget
Pushing you closer to the edge again and again.
How will things be next time?
I might just die.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 6 7
Predator - Mei Aihara x Reader(Citrus)
I don't know what I'm doing, I really don't! I didn't intend to follow her home, I didn't mean to check if the door was unlocked! And now here I am, sitting at her table as she makes us tea! I should leave! I really shouldn't be in her home! I'm worst than a stalker... I'm an invasive stalker?!
"Should be done soon." She pulls out a seat and sits across from me. Am I sweating? I am, really bad!  Oh god, if anyone from from school hears about this I'm dead. Putting my hands together I notice just how heated I am, how am I not on fire? Our eyes meet, she looks confused, my eyes fall to her chest, she takes notice... I keep quiet and look away. Shit, is she going to ask me to leave? She keeps her composure as we wait in silence for the tea. Is she going to poison me? Would I poison me if I was her? ...probably.
I look back to her, has she been looking at me all of this time? Her eyes meet mine from where they were clearly inspecting me through my clothes. "Umm-"
"The tea should be do
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 12 0
things need to change,
i'm tired of the pain,
the hurtful rumors,
my shitty reputation.
all of these scars,
i think i've got enough.
i can change my looks,
but not the outlook.
all they see is a girl who's given up,
because she's had enough
and doesn't want to take anymore.
a fragile seed dipped
into poison one too many times.
stepped on,
left out in the sun,
washed out and cracked.
a dead seed will never grow,
never become anything,
it'll just rot.
i'm not a seed though,
i'm made of flesh and bone,
i can walk,
whatever i want to do.
let me show you
the real me,
what i'm really capable of,
who i'm capable of being.
just watch as i murder the past.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 16 12
I may have my fragile moments,
Times when I just curl up and cry.
That doesn't make me weak
Or incapable of protecting myself.
I just live hard.
I might be short,
Lack muscle,
But I can endure more than you.
I might be tall,
Bigger than most girls,
But I can go farther than you.
I might be average,
Dress like a hoe,
But I can suck dick better than you.
So if you want to challenge me,
Be prepared to face all of us,
Not just the me you saw at a glimpse.
We're so much more complex than that.
It's difficult,
It really is,
Too difficult to settle for just being yourself.
Life forces you evolve for a reason,
To change and adapt to what's given to you.
Make it your goal to be a monster,
A person so fierce and determinined
That no one can stop them.
Strength alone isn't enough,
That's just a beast.
Agitate me.
I dare you.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 8 14
We go through life getting hurt,
Some wounds hurt more than others,
With a few going completely unseen.
The deeper the pain
The harder you try to cure it,
But there are those so deep
Where the only way to alleviate
Is through greater injury.
Before you know it your life
Is all over the walls,
Like bad wallpaper.
Everyone knows what you've been doing,
They see the shameful patchwork,
The way you walk tells them everything.
You're barely more than a corpse,
Is there even anything left
Inside of those veins
Or did you suck someone else dry?
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 10 2
Ask me a question,
I'll answer truthfully,
At least to you.
Tell me a lie,
And I will never know you.
Say what's on your mind,
Are you thinking about someone
Other than me right now?
I am now,
Now that you reminded me
Of life outside this moment.
Who are you thinking about?
Why them and not someone else?
Is it odd if I say
I'm thinking about the you
That's not you,
But the you
That's you
When you're with your family?
So, right now you think
I'm not being truthful?
That I'm lying,
Hiding my true colors
While I wait for an opportunity
To take advantage of this situation.
You would be correct.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 18 12
let me suck on that clit
i'm having none of it
give me some pussy right neow
stick it in someone else's bum
we aren't sims, but that's cool
i'm a potato now.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 6 18
Shipwreck (Original Song Lyrics)
[Verse 1]
Tell me which is worst,
Feeling like you can't breath
Or actually not breathing?
I can't tell the difference...
At least not anymore.
My life is a crime,
But I'm innocent...
At least in someone's mind.
They have more guilt,
More evil's than I.
[Verse 2]
Here I slip,
Clash collide and entangle with with another,
We struggle in a nonsensical way.
The surface below us wibbles and wobbles,
Occasionally dipping under.
[Verse 3]
She's clearly stronger,
I'm the weak one clinging on.
All the darkness and hate,
Her desire...
They overwhelm my own,
She has a reason to go on.
My life is a crime,
But I'm innocent...
At least in someone's mind.
They have more guilt,
More evil's than I.
[Verse 4]
Overcome with sheer force
We're thrown under,
I loose my grip,
Her hand claws my arm
Keeping me from straying too far.
[Verse 5]
The storm grows worst,
Rain and thunder intensify
As the sky tears apart.
Hold on to me and don't let go!
She orders as she reaches a hand out to me.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 10 0
You're late.
I'm already dead.
You can't save me,
Even if you empty my lungs of water
And fill them with your air,
I'm not coming back.
I waited for you,
You said you'd be there...
You let me drown,
So just give up and save yourself.
Don't try.
Why are you putting so much effort?
How can you still care?
I don't want to surface.
I want to stay down here...
Why are you so strong?
What power do you have that I don't,
That allows you to carry my darkness?
To you it weighs so little,
Your absence so much.
Survivor's guilt, huh?
I'm sorry, but you took too long.
You knew I couldn't swim,
But still told me to go ahead,
To jump ship.
So here I am
Not breathing as you hold my weight,
Fighting the waves with nothing to hold on to,
But a corpse.
I know you see the shore,
But you won't make it that far,
Not with me anyway.
So go,
Stop holding onto me,
Get out of the storm,
Build a shelter and move along.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 9 0
No one knows your drowning,
The choice between life and death is your own,
You just haven't decided yet.
You look while holding your breath,
But you take no action.
You rather wait and see who comes to your rescue,
To see if there's someone who actually cares.
You close your eyes,
Why would anyone come for someone like me?
You think as air and water exchanges place.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 11 0
A knock.
On the door?
On the wall?
There it is again!
The window?
Outside is a bird peeking away,
Looking in,
For a moment it looks away,
Then back again.
A scream, a thunderous sound escapes from it's beak.
Flapping it's wings it appears bigger than it is.
It's features distort,
Teeth emerge and the feathers turn to claws.
The window ledge magnifies in size...
A cat is now where the bird once was,
Steadily growing in size.
It's eyes meet yours as you feel yourself change too.
Your flesh burns,
Bones collapse and eyesight fades.
Unable to even hear yourself scream.
You wake up,
Look to the window
And close the blinds.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 8 2
ever wish to wipe yourself clean,
to regain that state of innocence
that you lost not so long ago.
a purification of some sort,
removal of your misdeeds and ill thoughts,
a sanitation of your soul.
trust is needed for such a ritual.
who should be allowed to do it?
whoever takes up the task
will likely be tainted in the process.
i can't trust most,
and most shouldn't trust me.
it's difficult to place faith myself.
life is meant to be impure,
but to be wicked is to be harmful,
to others and yourself.
so how does one combat such corruption?
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 10 7
Can you understand?
Anyone could,
Not many do.
Now more are changing their thoughts on the matter
And it's becoming legalized in more places.
Isn't it?
So, how do you feel about it?
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 3 6



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