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Space Ship Ride Revisit 2020

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EDIT: I completely over hauled my Space Ship Ride, all new mesh and textures, Mesh done in ZBrush, and textures all done in Substance painter.

Also for sale as a game ready asset.


If you'd like to see more pics of this project head over to www.artstation.com/artwork/WKg…

High poly version of the Space Ship Ride that will appear in City Of Titans, a superhero MMO being made by Missing Worlds Media. coming in the fall of 2018.

I built, lit and textured this model in Cinema 4D, the final game asset will be unwrapped in Cinema 4D, then texture painted in Substance Painter for use in the Unreal engine.


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You did not asked for it and I'm not the "professional", who is doing all things perfectly, so I hope it's okay to write your this:

The work and hours you have put in this must be a lot - please do not answer you only needed 30 minutes.
To make it look more realistic you maybe need to understand, that no producer would make the base shiny so it would reflect the things around, because kids and playing around with this would leave scratches to it very easily.
And next tot the base the ship itself would be build of parts, so there would be spaces between the parts you could see - like cars, that are also not build of one giant metal-part.And the retro-look would be much more intense if there would be bolts and crews - but this is just the details junky inside me. 

Hopefully you will also post a screenshot of your model when the game is ready.
Thanks for sharing your work!
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Hello There, 

Thanks for the feedback :)

Yes i totally agree with you it's to shiny and new :). When it gets painted in substance i will indeed weathered it. I will indeed post an in game version as well, this one is very high poly, the in game version will be considerably lower as it's going into an MMO.

Thanks again for the comment.

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You are more than welcome and thanks again for charring your work!
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You are very welcome, stay tuned, tons more to come :)