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RoboTech Mecha (Gladiator) PASS 1

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This is pass 1 of a personal project. I wanted to do this to learn to model mecha better, and get more proficient in Substance painter. This was my first mecha ever, and i very much enjoyed it, and i will be doing alot more of them in the future. 

The mesh was built and unwrapped in Cinema 4D and then brought into Substance painter for the details. I also made all the alphas for use on this project.
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 The more you practice, the more you see the things that could have been done better and you learn tricks and bits to make your models even better.

 But, for your first mecha, you did a good choice and looks good :) .
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Thanks :) I have been a 3D artist for a while now, this is by far the most complex i have done to date. 
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 You are welcome :la: . Just give it time and you'll be doing complex models... like the Valkyries :O .

 Someday I'll (re)make models from Macross and Robotech too :) .
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VFs are def something i want to try in the near future, i am super busy with other projects so it will have to wait.. The second pass on this model is looking really nice, maybe i will post it later :)
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 I've made some VFs a long time ago, they are indeed a challenge... but a very fulfilling challenge :) .