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Unexpected Results 5
By: HighKiller (HK)
Pairing: DaZr
Warning: Yaoi, MPreg
A/N: -breathes life into self- I LIVE! Where oh where did I leave off..... Ohhh dear, a confrontation eugh. Here goes nothing.
Dedications: Leira15 and Reikey! Mostly because you stuck with me ^^; (Hopes you two are still here)
Summery:  Zim and Dib talk.
Dib stood in the doorway for a few more moments before slowly making his way closer to the small green alien. Sweat trickled down as the situation slowly became more and more real to him. He stopped and slumped down next to the couch on the floor, not touching Zim.
"Is... it's mine right?" Shock evident in his voice, he removed his glasses and rubbed at his eyes. "Tak... She dropped off a bunch of PAK's thus why I came by."
Zim just huffed and moved to get comfortable. "My PAK must have sent out a signal signaling new Irkens have been concieved. And to answer Dibs first question yes they are part yours if you wish to look at it as such. You shouldn't bother getting attac
:iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 4 3
Invisible Man by HighKillerHK Invisible Man :iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 0 0
Unexpected Results 4
Unexpected Results
By: HighKiller (HK)
Pairing: DaZr
Warning: Yaoi, MPreg
A/N: Woo chappie four!!!!! Be sure to tell meh if ya'll liked it<333
Summery: Dib goes to confront Zim, but Is surprized at what he finds.
Dib slowly made his way up to the oddly shaped house, he wasn't sure how he was going to tell Zim about the odd package he recieved containing PAK's. He figered he would just let the Irken slap him around a bit and then ask him why he was upset. Shaking his head he knocked  on the front door, as expected though Gir answered in his green dog outfit.
"Uhh, hey Gir... Is Zim here?" Dib was almost afraid to hear if he was though.
Gir only smiled and hopped up and down, "Mastah is here! Mastah Tell me to..... Hug a bacon!" He proceeded to hug said strip of bacon he had hidden somewhere on it's body. "Mastah is gonna be mommy!" He ran off then squealing.
Dib could only blink oddly, not sure if he was serious about that last comment or it was just gir being... Well Gir.
:iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 11 14
Unexpected Results chpt. 3
Unexpected Results
By: HighKiller (HK)
Pairing: DaZr
Warning: Yaoi, MPreg
A/N: Woo chappie three!!!!! Be sure to tell meh if ya'll liked it<333
Summery: Zim finds out something he didn't need to hear...Not now not ever, but it is out of his, he can only accept it and hope it won't come back and bite him in the-
Dib is agnsting because of Zim's sudden disappearance from skool, and his life. What could have happened to him? Did what they do together hurt him that badly. Well he's gonna find out!
The young Irken slumped to the floor of his underground lab. The results flashing on the screen above. Only a week since the 'consumption' and already the effects were beginning to show. His body making room for the smeet inside him, zapping the energy from him and his PAK. Right now, he wasn't up to anything. Expect maybe plug his PAK in and sleep.
A form began to pixelate it's self next to him. A young, lithe, male form. He placed his hand on the green skinned boy. Rubbing his back.
:iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 6 20
Zim my version by HighKillerHK Zim my version :iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 0 0 KITTY by HighKillerHK KITTY :iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 0 11
U.R. chapter two ZADR
Unexpected Results
By: HighKiller (HK)
Pairing: DaZr
Warning: Yaoi, MPreg
A/N: Okay i actually typed this twice....because my computer is evil and i didn't get to save before it decides to restart its self....I lost everything ;;cocks handgun;; Heheheheheheh.
Well I jope you enjoy this version...I will kill my computer....
Dib's boots splashed in the growing puddles on the sidewalk, his pace speeding up with every step. 'I must hurry, if he really is still at the skool, it's hard telling if he'll make it. C'mon legs, don't give out on me!' These frantic thoughts raced through his head. Rain pounded on the top of his umbrella drowning out any and all sound. The dark Sillouette of the building came into view. 'YES!'
Dashing up the steps two at a time, the umbrealla was quickly discarded once he reached the top. His eyes scanning for the form he knew all to well. Stopping when said figure came into view.
Green skin, long black antenne, no ears or a nose, blank boots simular to his own, a
:iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 14 8
Unexpected Results
Unexpected Results
By: HighKiller (HK)
Pairing: DrZa
Warning: Yaoi, MPreg
Summary: After an incident in the rain, Zim has been feeling very sick. Dib is confused about his feelings toward the Irken Invader. What will they do when something happens thrusting them, forcubly, together?
A/N: Okay, so as to not seem I'm promoting child Pornography (Even if the yummy scene will not be added due to the fact I'm not typing this at my home computer >.>; ) this is set during High School. Now that thats out of the way, Enjoy!!!!
Zim drew his attention to the clock. 'Blasted clock! Hurry it up, that stoopid human won't stop staring!' Quickly shooting a glare of his own towards said teen, he returned his gaze to the clock.
Three minutes...Then the bell would ring, signalling the end of the skool day.
The Irken figeted in his seat, he had the perfect, and he meant PERFECT, plan for a neclear bomb. 'Hehe! I know that stoopid human will die this time! He won't know what hit him!' he stifled an evil la
:iconhighkillerhk:HighKillerHK 4 14
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Come here ( ) if you'd like to talk to me about Unexpected results.

Considering re-writing it but would LOVE some feedback.
Like does anyone even care if I re-write and actually set a time-table for chapter uploads?

Like a chapter every week or two?
If no-one cares though I'll just drop this story with my growing pile of fics I'll probably never even look at again :I

I need to know people want to see this story else I lose interest as well.
Even if it's just one person saying "Yeah I'd love to see this story to the end!" That's enough for me to get me drive back and finish it.


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