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Download SpaceBlueBerry -Update: v1.5-

EDIT: Tapatalk free/pro, Bytafont2, iCleanerPro, f.lux, VSCOcam, Vine, Simplenote and Podcasts icons added :) New link below, thanks
I try to get icons ready as soon as possible, please feel free to donate ;)

Click "download" on the right, or go to…

PS: SpaceBB is FREE and will ALWAYS be free.
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I can't download it
The link is broken
Can u please link me this icon i love it very much
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I love it !no iPad version?
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If you take requests i have a few...
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any new updates coming up?
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Support for iOS 6 please!! :(
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Beautiful icons set, thanks :)
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Looks like Foursquare changed the name of the icon to AppIcon60x60@2x.png (I believe that's it) in the latest update.  Just thought I'd let you know for future updates :)
Could you share your psd, so we can make icons for folder icons!
i downloaded icons. Why they are square, not rounded? :<
sry i added it twice by accident lol
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they're made for ios7, not for android :)
:( will you make them for android? i mean rounded pics in jpg, or png.
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Just thought of another request, I know I mentioned Feedly but Pocket is another I'd love to have themed :)

Btw, donation coming your way on Friday
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thanks bro, i'm grateful ;)
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Loving the update, that podcast icon is awesome :thumbsup:

Looking forward to further updates
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Loved the update! :D just need an icon on my iPhone, you can create icon Deezer app. Would be very happy! Pls :)
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another nice update mate, awesome job :thumbsup:
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Downloaded the zip to manually add it, the clock image seems to be missing from the folder...
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Is in Not in Ios7 has different location for the clock icon
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