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Doom - Pain Elemental

Third redesign of Doom 64 monster: Pain Elemental, with a little more twisted look, not something for a game... more realistic maybe?? i dont know.

Those who have played Doom II or Doom from nintendo 64 will know what im talking about.
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I always liked the 64 version of the Pain Elemental, it felt less like a clunky Frankenstein of a demon than the Doom 2 version. At least the Eternal version is clearly its own model distinct from the cacodemon

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Probably my personal most hated Pain Elemental lol. However...
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This is a complete overhaul worth being called a masterpiece, 12/10 for realistic and scary design, making all Doom fans proud and terrified of this Pain Elemental :D.

If there is a future Doom game, then they might use a Pain Elemental variant that looks just like your picture, and you can stand up and say 'I made that.'.

Keep on rocking my friend :), best design so far ;).
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Damn! It looks kinda like Dracula's phase 2 form in Castlevania 3.
At least it explains where the Lost Souls generate from.
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Holy shit.
Why did I miss this. Its perfect in everyway.
You lost sould match perfectly with PainE.
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I would pay for a copy of this without the watermark...
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The watermark isn't there anymore.

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this is indeed awesome I just wish they would try for some new demons idea I had in mind was the Gargoyle...he could be like a flying version of the Imp basically, so a flying footsoldier, more annoying to hit and kill and have a more interesting death animation involving crumbling apart into stone pieces (being a gargoyle).
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This is awesome, I really liked the Doom 64 version of the Pain Elemental, and this design takes it to a whole new level of hellish creepiness. :D Been playing the classics and Doom 3 lately, these games never get old.
Very well done.
And cool username by the way, I totally see StarCraft in it too. :nod:
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thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it
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You're welcome, it's an exceptional piece.
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Love it. Glad I'm not the only one who prefers the N64 design.
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this has got to be single handedly the greatest fucking thing I've ever seen, so fucking terrifying,  and yet the one I think is the most demonic of them all, why isn't this in an horror game? WHY?!!
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I'm actually playing Doom 64 as I'm typing this comment!
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hahaha great, don't get yourself killed by one of these bastards
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I didn't. Instead, I got killed by an imp right out of the corner of my eye just after I killed a Hell Knight. I was down at 7% health…
Although I did come across a pair of Pain Elementals before that. Both of which I killed along with their children.
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Holy hell! That is bad fucking ass! I always hated these lost soul generators. On harder difficulties they can easily fill an entire room with the little bastards
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yeah, the fist thing to do is to take those bastards out fast or stay out of their sight for a while, then attack
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