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Derelict ship 2

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Im still inspired by Prometheus so I decided to paint something about the subject but with a change in the landscape, no more deserted planetoids.

The engineers (space jockeys) are everywhere... they have designed everything that lives... life itself it's of their design.
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Local animals will make a home out of it, the first lifeforms that astronaut will encounter inside the derelict are must likely to be  bat, rodent, and bug like creatures.
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I think it would be cool to find another Derelict ship on another planet, I love the vegetation around the ship.
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The yautja does it know aht its up against, or does it already know but wants bioform for itself?
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what yautja? the guy in the pic? he is no yautja
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Really good idea. Purely awesome..........
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Nice! "Derelict taken over by Jungle" is a good idea. Though I'd make it more plunged into the soil (it's supposed to be there for millenia after all). Anyway, it's already great as it is, covered in grass, moss and lianas.

As for my opinion on the "Prometheus" itself - it's not even on par with the original "Alien". Remembering the visual impression of the first "Alien" movie I was rather disappointed with "Prometheus" as it has nothing like that. And that's not because there's no Alien itself or something like that, the initial idea not to make the movie directly connented to Aliens was a good one. I expected something far, far more original, bizzare and breathtaking both in respect of visual concepts, storyline or at least general coherence.
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This is so much more calm and chill, LOVE IT
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Oh wow, that's stunning :clap:
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No problem! :D
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Don't go in there! There are wormy monsters that will eat your face! *runs away*
Awesome picture man as always! Keep up the great work. :)
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or that black liquid will make you mutate in some kind of zombie haha

Thanks, Im still amazed by the movie... THANK YOU RIDLEY SCOTT !!! for such and awesome film
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O_o or you could be turned into a crazy rage filled zombie, who gets his face ate by the worms. :faint:
Same here, Ben and I discussed the film all the way home. It was just fantastic and scary. I haven't had a good scare like that in a while. ^^ Yes thank you Ridly Scott and H.R.Giger for the amazing film.
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Or the world's biggest facehugger will raep you 0_0; Epic movie I gotta say!
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xD And this is why I'm keeping my butt on earth.
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yeah I did the same, I went with a friend and we were discussing the movie for several hours. I just hope there might be a second part...
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Same here. I really really want there to be a sequel. :)
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