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Hey guys, wow... long time since I've posted in here.

Wanted to give a heads up.  It's been a while since I've worked diligently on HR but the time has given me the opportunity to see whats going on, whats wrong, and how to improve.  So what's changing?

Universe Restructure
The entire system of HR is being overhauled and streamlined, as it was too broad and diluted before.  Making the universe more concise is one of the big changes going into action.  Goldenlight is no longer a city, but a single hypercasino and High Roller is the #1 ranking game in it, and its rigged from the top down by Fargus Poker.  Adam Vegas, the Main protagonist, decides he wants to heist the game and take the jackpot by rigging the system from the inside, and gets in way over his head, stepping toe-to-toe with the trained killer-gamblers of the game.
The HR's are no longer district leaders, but VIP-assassin-type killers that excel in their own ways with their own design quirks and themes.  This removes the restriction of having a set number of High Rollers, even if we focus on less of them.  

This makes it far easier to get involved in the universe.

This also allows anything casino related to be a focus for design, not just the games (even though the twist mechanic is heavily chance dependent).  Now band members, Circ du Soleil, singers, performers, chefs, limo drivers, taxicab drivers, finance officers, sports stars, etc are inclusive to the formula!  Your options for development now have many new avenues to create, and thats a big deal!  Also, because not the focus is not so much rooted in hyperfuturism, more relatable mechanics can also be employed.  You want an Ocean's 11 inspired character?  Or a Jazz Band member with a Saxophone cannon?  Go nuts!

Ranking Restructure
During iteration 1 of HR, we had the card rank system where a card was unique to a specific High Roller.  We have changed it so its similar to an army rank.  The ranks are 2-Ace, and the suit designates the fighter style, where the character can be tactically summarized based on these calling cards.  The more you win, the higher your card value climbs.  The Aces are the elites, the 2's are the new entrants.  So you can design your characters and the corresponding cards similarly.  This also means there can be an INFINITE NUMBER of High Roller combatants as the card itself is not unique to the character, it is a rank.

Character Restructure (the big one)
Probably the biggest revision is the roster, as we have decided that almost all of the basis designs we had in the first iteration were in need of improvement or could be omitted entirely.  Here are the changes to the primary combatants of the game (subject to change as development goes on)

• Adam Vegas (staying, getting a complete species and design revision - Trump Card is remaining the weapon (might update appearance)
• Johannes Vaylor (good as is, staying)
• Acacia Spade (staying, getting appearance and weapon update)
• Vince Voodoo (staying, Outfit is updated, gun is being modified to stitch together 2 voodoo dolls of both players, making them the targets of the battle, not the actual players, instituting a proxy battle)
• Thomas Keno (completely fine as is, keeping)
• Deuce BlackJack (keeping but needs an entire revamp, keeping gun concept)
• Poker (keeping, polishing outfit and weapon.  Tweaking nationality to fit better)
• Antoinette Amour (complete core design change, keeping the weapon)
• Joker Twins (keeping, working with :iconemayai: to get it spot on

New Additions:
Hyena Character (no name yet) - Female, Features Billiard sniping as a mechanic, uses modified pool cue sniper elephant gun (theme, big game hunter)
Old lady Grandma character - uses the Bingo mechanic instead, gun is incorporated into her walker.
(Might add more/modify some later)

Removals from maincast:
Chip Wilkins
Vlad Bingo
Tequila Triplets
Alea Parlay

The reasons for the removals of characters vary.  With all concept prototypes, its really uncommon to keep the first ideas you get because as your refine ideas, you get better ones, improvements, and see where things don't fit.  By taking elements found in the scrapped characters, and recombining them in new ways, we get completely unique ideas we havent seen before that kick all kinds of ass.  That said, the characters still do have a place in the HR universe, just not as main casters, meaning that the respective owners can continue to use them and their concepts unhindered.  The universe restructure allows for it just fine, as the universe outside of the casino is now entirely irrelevant.

Combat Modification
because of the change in roles and systems, the mechanic of combat had to change as well.  Now the arenas are deathmatch style fights but done in a way where melee combat is no longer the main go-to method.  Think 1v1 close quarters gun combat where it is heavily tactical, putting more emphasis on gun mechanics rather than melee combat (because why wouldn't you do that?  Guns need to shoot).  This also allows for more weapon diversity to include weapons not normally considered short range weapons, such as snipers, mortars, rocket launchers, missile batteries, etc.  Might give you more valid weapon diversity options to create more.

Story (the inevitable bit)
The story right now is no longer set in stone, as a universe tweak means that everything is different.  Right now, the focus is getting amazing characters and corresponding mechanics great, then the story will come.  But the gist of 'High Roller will make us rich, if we survive the fights' is the same.  Design around this, the thrill of high risk vs high reward in a risky and somewhat rigged game, and you'll be just fine.

More to come sooner or later once we start re-conceptualizing the visual designs.  Concepts for both the characters (revision 2) and their new crazy weapons will come in time.  If you have any ideas, shoot :icondansyron: (me) a note!

Thanks for taking the time to read the dev notes.  I know that the concept is a bit hard because its something we have no reference points on (mostly because it's so unique) so taking time and steps to get it as good as possible is key for not only me, but everyone involved.
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Is this place still alive?
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DanSyron Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016
its under rework, but things are in a tossup since I've been so busy
patriot029 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh...hope it turns out well
TornadoTheWindfox Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Student Photographer
Why has nobody made a weapon, called the Royal Flush yet?…
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Creator of HR has actually been to Vegas casinos and apparently needs the definition on what a Royal Flush even though he also does background research while developing concepts for HR. *SNORTS*

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DanSyron Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
we already have a gun that operates off these mechanics.

Ganesha Prime is the weapon used by Fargus Poker and is a 5 barreled elephant gun where each barrel represents a card.  A royal flush with the weapon is the highest calculable weapon damage known from any of the High Roller weapons in the current circuit.  However, the resultant damage from the 7 - 7 - 7 jackpot from the trump card has never appeared, therefore it is unknown what the resultant damage cap is from the Trump Card
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For some reason,the combat reminds me of that 2 spicy game.
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If I write something that includes High Roller concepts (for example, including the matches and the weapons), but is not mainly about High Roller, do I still submit it into the group?
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