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It will need my vote before it can be displayed in the main page, in Featured.

General guidelines:
:bulletpurple: No heavy noise in the photo.
:bulletpurple: It must have a great composition and a balanced contrast. No blownout highlights and no shadows without details.
:bulletpurple:If the photo has a simple background, it must be clean.

Beauty, fashion, artistic nudes, covers and campaigns guidelines:
:bulletpurple: The skin must be smooth and clean. Freckles are ok. Do not send photos with oversmoothed skin to the point it looks like plastic. Blurred skin or retouched with the "degrunge" method is not allowed.
:bulletpurple:Skin tones must not be oversaturated, redish or with an unpleasant color.
:bulletpurple:Fly-away hairs are ok only if the hairstyle is meant to be raw and wild.

Nature, The city guidelines:
:bulletpurple:The scene must be eye-catching and not ordinary.
:bulletpurple: Overdone HDR is not allowed.
:bulletpurple: Oversaturated photos are not allowed.
:bulletpurple: Oversharpened photos are not allowed.