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:iconhigh-class-trash:High-Class-Trash posted a status
Is there like a class on how to make friends cause honestly I think I need that rn

A lot of my old friends from college are messaging my close friends but all hate me so much that they don't want anything to do with me

One of them even told my friend that 'his life is better and back on track without me' and I don't know what I'm doing
I'm literally starved for human friendship right now it's ridiculous

I don't see my friends irl much anymore if at all
The only people I really see are my sisters and it's not the same cause I can't be myself really around them.. Idk whether I'm just this bitch and I don't realise it or what ..but it's really making me feel like shit, it seems I'm unable to make new friends, I can't talk to people and it's killing me ..they've all got someone else and I'm just here ..trying my best but apparently it isn't enough ..idk what to do do I learn how to socialise properly do I undo all those behaviours that make people hate me ?

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