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:iconhigh-class-trash:High-Class-Trash posted a status
Omfg who the fucC isn't 'triggered' by anything on this damn website ...

After reading something earlier On this subject I feel like throwing this out there.

From personal experience I've seen people get all butt hurt when someone said they were depressed. I've seen people on this website be all like 'you don't have depression, you can't be depressed wtf I'm so triggered'

So just gonna throw this out there you CAN feel depressed and hopeless without actually being diagnosed with depression ...
Depression is a long term mental state, it's a constant struggle with it

But you can't feel depressed and down's a mental state and emotion everyone and anyone can experience at anytime ...anyone can get to a point they feel hopeless .. Or can't do things, can't find the motivation for life itself the difference is the emotion itself is normally short term

I'm sorry if people get butt hurt but just cause you have depression ...doesn't mean people that aren't can't experience that emotion at all ... I mean heck, I'm not diagnosed but when I get periods when I just can't cope with anything when I talk to people about what's going on in my head they say it's depression and it's symptoms ...I've spoken to professionals and I'm not clinically depressed cause my symptoms tend to be short term ...they'll come, last a few weeks to a few months then go ...

So like
Wanted to just throw this all out there cause of a journal I read earlier and wanted to share my input. A little psa if you will .-.

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mothquake Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my god THIS. 
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