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:iconhigh-class-trash:High-Class-Trash posted a status
What's your stance on mental health in the work place?

Okay let me elaborate;
If/when you apply for a job what do you think about notifying your possible employers on mental health issues (including Anxiety)

Whenever I tell someone I've applied for somewhere but when you write about health I only say 'I do have GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) but i've been working on it for so long that it shouldn't interfere or become an issue, all I ask is if a situation arises that becomes too overwhelming that I can have permission to just step away form it for a short period'
I get yelled at
i'm always told 'DONT WRITE THAT' or 'DONT TELL THEM THAT!'
'No one will hire you if you say that!'
im not saying im incapable of doing my work 
every other part of the application and my CV shows I'm capable and responsible enough to do my job and do it well
i just think it's important people are aware there is always a possibility.

Why would I want to work somewhere that says no to a qualified person just cause mental health?

but idk
I just got yelled at about it and had a panic attack
I've always been told to be open and honest about yourself and be genuine but apparently not when you need to work??

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CynicArcane Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Student Digital Artist
It's something I think about a lot because it is the future, a job is your source of income and having anxiety on top of that is stressful to even think about.
Personally, I do not tell people I have anxiety, especially my co-oworkers. They don't even know about it or that I have it even if I am experiencing it. 
I'm not saying to hide it. 
I can understand everyone saying not to put it on your resume, because some employers might discriminate, although here in Canada it is against the law for someone to do such.
If your employer says they will not hire you because of your GAD, it would be best to check with the mental health rights of your country/area, to see if they can legally do that. 
It really sucks having to deal with anxiety, I've been at my job for 2 years now and I get anxious every time I go. 
But it really should not be a problem as long as you have the skills and education level for the job/position you want.

Personally I felt embarrassed when I applied for a volunteer position and I said I had social anxiety and GAD. Because I thought maybe they would pity me or undermine me. 
It is not something you can control when or where you have anxiety, but managing it when it arises during work and knowing how to deal with it is a good skill to have and talk about. 
(short story: I worked with someone who had "anxiety" ((So he said)) and he hid inside the bathroom most of the time and never got any work done. This is an example of when it controls your work life, mental health comes first. There are posters about it at my workplace that encourage someone to seek help first. and as you said, you are capable of dealing with it when it does arise.)

If you believe it is important to let your employer know, then don't let other people stop you from it. 
And don't let the anxiety stop you from what you want to do in life. 
I wish you luck! QwQ
Here is an article I found interesting:…
High-Class-Trash Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I took so long to reply, honestly i've been trying to word my reply over and over again but it never sat right ;-; (this one doesnt either tbh but I don't wanna leave it longer)

for starters it's reassuring to know i'm not the only one that's had to face this decision/problem before, or at least someone who's had to think about it.

I can completely understand where you coming from about wanting to hide it.
I dont want people to look down on me, I don't want their pity. It's like when I start crying (which is usually the first stage of my anxiety) my first reaction is to tell people around me to ignore it and pretend it's not happening cause i can't turn it off or stop it from happening but I don't want them to pity me like im just a crying child ya'know?
I don't want them to have to tip toe around me or treat me like im the most fragile thing around them cause it's not how it/I work.

Also dont get me wrong I also 100% understand why people tell me not to tell them either. Although they can't legally reject me purely on the basis of my anxiety, I know for a fact most employers, when faced with 2 equally qualified candidates are more likely to take on the one that'll be 'less hassle' or wont be a 'flight risk' kinda thing, I can't think of a better way to phrase it .-.

With me I'm just very open about my problems to people. I mean anxiety is with me for life ya'know? I can learn to live with it as much as I want but it's always gonna be there and there will always be a risk of something just triggering it and if people are going to be around me for long periods of time I think it's important they know so they can be prepared or at least less scared if it does happen but that's just my personal look on the situation.
The last thing I want is someone hiring me then me having a break down in front of everyone and scaring everyone around. I feel like i'll always have that nagging feeling of 'you let them hire you under false pretences' and even though I know that's not the case and no one is under any right to that kind of personal information about me but I think it's the anxiety itself that just keeps saying stuff like that.

I know I'm still fully capable of doing my work and doing it well, if things ever got too much I always deal with it the right way for me. 
and I always try to word it in a way they know I can do my job I only just want them to be aware of it.
That all being said ... I never tell them about my social anxiety. I will admit I have generalised anxiety but if I admit I have social anxiety too i feel it's almost like admitting I have no social skills and get nervous talking to new people and when most the jobs available are in the public sector or in retail ..that's just telling them to no hire me at that point .

I feel like I'm rambling now so I'll close this up soon 
but I appreciate the imput and honestly that webiste kinda helped too which I really appreciate.
It's always nice to hear a second opinion especially from the other side of it all ;u;
So thank you boo :heart: 
CynicArcane Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I'm glad I could help a bit ;u;
I also have been thinking and taking notice of myself at work or out in the real world, so to speak. I find that some days are good and I forget I have anxiety and I can go out and do things like pay for my own food or ask for something xD 
And some days I can't. 
I also find that when I'm at work and I have to take charge of something and interact with people my mind changes and my anxiety is pushed to the side almost without me realising it. 
I find that anxiety is worse when you're left to think about it, and it helps if you just do the thing you have to do, don't think, just do it. But that might not be the case for everyone or for you. I just find it interesting how much thought can influence a decision and cause anxiety to spike. Especially when the anxiety is brought on by environmental factors. 
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