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We'll meet again... by High-Class-Trash We'll meet again... by High-Class-Trash
alternate title:  I didn't know what to write to you this year, so I thought i'd send myself up to see you instead. 

It's that time of year again.. God, 7 years today..7 years today my world shattered, my heart broke and it's never righted itself since.
There's so much I wish i could say to you right now, so much I wish you knew. You we're always there for me, you were my rock, you practically raised me through the most confusing time in my life, you gave me so much love whenever I started a new big adventure, and I just wish you could see how much you helped shape me to be who I am today. 

I hope you got all my letters, and I hope you'll get it again today too. 
I hope you say hello to everyone for me, I can only imagine how happy you much be to be able to be with the man you love again and i can only wish you tell him about us all with so much pride, just how i speak about you.

I'm running out of words to say because there's too much I wish to say just know
I love you so much and that will never change, I'll never forget who you were, or what you did for me, for us all. 
I'll see you again oneday, just get ready for the biggest hug ever 

Love you :heart:

Sorry if this feels like you guys are intruding on something personal, I mean I do this every year on the exact same day...
But, im actually really happy with this, I always put my best into my work but ..I feel like I put just a bit more into this..

all work here (c) me -:iconhigh-class-trash:
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July 22, 2017
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