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Gaian -Temporary Ref by High-Class-Trash Gaian -Temporary Ref by High-Class-Trash
Ah so ..This is a bab I made and I kinda love him?
This started out trying to redesign Vinny for Capn-Sy  but...I listened to 'forest' but Twenty One Pilots and I really wanted to make the tone more green cause I think it'd look nice with the grey shades and well ..I really liked it xDD 
I'm working on the front view now to make him an actual ref sheet ;u;
He has a back story, I keep drawing him (his markings are a pain the my ass tho) but ..ya 

Name: Gaian [guy-an]
Gender: genderless but is more masculine
Age: Unknown
Relationship: None
Sexuality: None
Height: 5'6

Breed: Maned wolf/ Spirit guardian 

Personality: Closed off, Protective (I mean ..he is a forest guardian..) Intimidating, but is a big softy to those who can see him, Lonely

Likes: nature, Laying by streams, any kind of weather especially snow, it's the only thing he can feel that connects him to the actual world, His human companion Ellie, His bandana(it's extremely important to him and he'll never take it off..his biggest fear is losing or damaging it)

Dislikes: Humans, (they destroy the forest, he does everything to scare them off, including inducing rumors  in their world that make humans avoid his territory) The fact that only select few in his lifetime have been able to see him and is incredibly lonely, The fact he hasn't seen Ellie in may years, The fact that she might never be able to see him again...

Fears: Losing his bandana, Not being able to protect his territory, forest fires, being alone, Not being able to protect Ellie, those that see him being put off and scared by his eyes so he strives to cover them with his mane

Extra: Gaian is a forest guardian, it's his duty to make sure both the area and it's inhabitants are safe and well cared for.
The other inhabitants of the forest can sense his presence but cannot see nor interact with him, they just ..sense he's there..kinda thing.
Humans cannot see him, only a select few have been able to see him and that alone surprise him because he's used to being isolated and ignored.

Children are more likely to be able to see him but only those who have strong spirits and beliefs ( think of it as ..some kids love the idea and believe in santa whereas others think, it's all fake and magic is a lie...if they have strong beliefs in that area , despite being told otherwise are liekly to see him if they came across him) BUT occassionally very few adults have been able to, the bond/connection they have with the world wears thin.

Although a handful of people have seen/interacted with him in his lifetime only one adult has, they left him by bandaging the wounds on his neck followed by tending to the injuries on his ears. they came day after day to check on him, for months straight tending to his wounds until they'd mostly healed. The last day they'd plucked a lock from their bag, prepared for the meeting and locked it through the permanent hole left in his ear telling him to be strong...They never came back.

Short story time!

The last person that saw him was a small 6 year old called Ellie, She stared up in awe at him and gently touched his muzzle...starved for companionship he leant into the touch happily. She noticed He tried to keep his neck out of view, and noticed there was bandages tied around them, she took the green bandana tied to her bag off and offered it to him, he allowed her to tie it around his neck and with a grin and a small 'There, can't even notice!' .After that he stood proudly under her awe filled gaze, letting pride wash over him.
They sat by eachother for a while until her parents found where she'd wandered, unbelieving to her stories about him they took her back home, he never saw her after that and as years passed he believes she can no longer see him, as their connection must have disappeared with time.

She came back to the forest 14 years after, memories full of him, he'd noticed her wandering around, approached her by the stream and stood proudly by her but quickly he realised that she didn't know he was there and afterwards he just took to trying to leave small hints of his precence as well as just sticking by her side when she visited, protecting her from anything that may bring her harm, hoping one day she'd realise.

Everyother day he just retirned to his isolated life, hoping that someone would come along..

god he's the most in depth character I have ..

Char and art (c) Me - :iconhigh-class-trash:
Background .. found on google ;-;  
ArtfullyArcane Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
his relationship with Ellie is really sweet and kind of sad, but it's so cute that he leaves her little hints ;u; i hope one day she will realise
I really like the long legs of maned wolves and they are fabulous here
High-Class-Trash Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm honestly pleasantly surprised that someone read all that so, thank you ;u;

I don't know what it is but the idea just kinda popped and I liked it, I hoped it was a bit different than what I've done before 
So It makes me happy that you seem intrigued enough to hope they kinda reunite (well I hope you are cause that's how i read it xD if not this is gonna be hella awkward)

I was always iffy with maned wolves but I really love characters/animals with long thin legs, they're fun to draw

Ah, thank you! c:
ArtfullyArcane Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016
i've always like to read little writing and background stories to art, and even if it's just the artist talking about why they drew it.
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