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ANNIE :. Sirirus .:

Blessing: Husky dog
Pupil: round
Rarity: common
Town: Iiara

NAME: Sirius

He's a cheerful person! He likes playing in snow and drinking hot cocoa. He has quite a high tolerate to extremely low temperature because of his husky blessing so he can freely jump around when snow fall without any sign of being freezed. Since his hobby at night is stargazing, he is really good at astronomy. If it comes to star, he can talk about it all day!

Annie is a closed species by Yamio 
art and design by me
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Sailor dog? Yes, please! I love that he's wearing a one-piece instead of a shirt+shorts combo, he looks super cute and young! And the starry sky patterns on his sock and cape match the rest of the outfit really well~

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Pretty boyy! Day100 - Squealing 
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thank you !!! ><
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So cute aww /////

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uwaaa thank you !!TT
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Awwwh how cute! X3 I love the stocking with clouds and stars, and the cape looks like it could also function as a soft blanket. Congratulations on your new Annie! ♥ 
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Thanks so much!! I also like the cape too >///7///< I glad to hear that you like it fahskd 💛💛💛
he's my first annie btw X'DDD ///
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Ahhh you're very welcome! My first Annie was a MYO too ♥. Congratulations! 
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Awww so cuuuute :D
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afagsud thanks <3333
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You're welcome. :D
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oh mi gosh he is such a cutie!! * ^ *
I love his ouftit <333
//throws a ton of love at him >V<
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asfsawdf THANKS SO MUCH Q///A///Q
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