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a Gordon Freeman and Half-Life tribute…
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Happy Anniversary. Here's to another decade. Hopefully with HL.
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An absolutely wonderful piece -- it even has that darned crowbar and everything! :D
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Absolutely beautiful. The sharp lines and pastel color tones really come together to make a almost photorealistic drawing of the good ol Gordon. Fantastic job!
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This piece is quite wonderful, but seems rather sad.
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The cake is a lie...

...but not today.
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You made me cry... Half-life is my life. I love it so much that if it was a person I'd rent a motel room and have sex with it.
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Now there's a face I haven't seen for a while! This is great! :D (Big Grin) 
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I love all the detail you put into Gordon very beautiful and i love hoe you added the Portal cake and Half Life 3. :D (Big Grin) 
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The trilogy is a lie.
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Эх, ностальгия... Институт, жаркое лето, пиратские диски по 50 рублей...
Awesome :D
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I really like the texturing and the lighting on Gordon's shoes. Looks pretty realistic.
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