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Absolutely incredible.
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Someone reposted this without a source. 
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At least they didn't edit the signature out (: Thanks for letting me know!
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I feel the lovecraftian vibes!.....anyone?
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Hey! A lovely piece of everybody's favorite clockwork dick!
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Cant wait for the dlc^^

I hope their will be a  ghoul whale^^
love the drawing btw, nice work with the dark and the moon light..

and how you did nick^^ very badass^^
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I swear, if Far Harbor doesn't let the player romance him... ;o;
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Wow :o (Eek)  I thought it was made with SFM or something at first
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I really love the whole mood in this piece.  I feel like he's closing in on the hunt for a fugitive here. 
Really awesome piece.
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I don't know about what fandom/franchise this is from, but the contrast between the darkness with the cool blue and the warmth of the red light is very effective for creating a strong figure here; even though it's dark and cold his body language shows him standing strong and holding onto the only source of light he has. 
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It's Fallout 4, the character named Nick Valentine, who has probably the best background and story, as well as the most incredibly portrayed personality, in any of the Fallout games. He's going to be getting his own downloadable-content expansion story, soonish.

He's really, really amazing.

As is this art, because yes. Colors and light values = superb.
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Wait, what? More story around him? That would be amazing!
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Yeah they've said the DLC is supposed to be huge. I ... think that's what the title of this piece is about? I can't remember, I haven't gone back into FO4 for a while (putting 200 hours in kinda burned me out) but yeah it's meant to be massive. :)

We'd just best be able to romance him I swear to freaking god.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to romance him so bad. I know this is kind of creepy, but even though his body has more in common with a vending machine than a human his personality is 10/10. 
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He's a very compelling character. I mean I don't even need the sexy time with him, I just wanna be able to bromance the guy with my current character and tell him "hey man, I'm glad you've got my back" or something. It just seems so... one sided.
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I feel you!

Thing is, I don't think any of the other characters that are up to romance or just companions are badly written - but only the relationship to Nick feels honest and real to me. For example, I just feel sorry for Preston and McCready. They both went through shit and manage to get better. But that's it. They did not even make it on their own. I pity them. Nick, on the other hand, went through shit that didn't even happen in his own life, went through his own shit and changed his life to the better by being a valuable member of a society that actually doesn't like him that much. I feel sorry for what he has/had to go through but also have huge respect for who he chooses to be. His courage is kind of inspiring and he is totally able to survive on his own. John Hancock too has this kind of courage, but his whole attitude is less inspiring (to me at least.).
dragonmaster1375's avatar the detail ; )
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