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TES V: SW without logos

By Hieronymus7Z

Here I am again with an "edition" of an official TESV: Skyrim'z wallpaper.

The version with logotypes


...BUT!(there is one they FEARHG) This time it's not just a painted guy in the centre - It Is Fully Painted Wallpaper, from the very scratch.
The only things which have been copied are the Skyrim and Bethesda Softworks logotypes.
Some initial lines for the background were "copied" manually.(saying this i mean i was drawing lines upon the mountains and some stones/cobbles - for silhouettes only)

A video which represents the process of making this artwork is just right here, on the YouTube.

My first fan Bethesda's wallpaper (on the first Skyrim's official wallpaper) - is here, in case you did not come across it yet)

ALSO - It would be EpicAwesome if you have visited my website aaand maybe even followed me on twitter :la:
Btw there are some photos of the Figueroa Hotel Skyrim Painting on the website, Fan ones! 8D

Enjoy a new wallpaper!

PS: "SW" for "Skyrim Wallpaper")
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Fabulouz. This is epic, Fred (:
Sleepy&short comment this time, I need to sleep.
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Thank you very much, Cinthya (:
FabulouszyEpic short answer
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AWESOME JOB! I already changed my wallpaper xD
Hieronymus7Z's avatar
Glad you like it :)
Thank you