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Оу, я видел этот шикарный арт в челлендже от Erika-Xero. :0
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Amazing piece and your reference too!
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Святой Джиуб, восхитительно!!!
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Азура-Мать, это просто... слов нет, как круто!
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"Here comes the guard,"
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Your illustration transported me as much as starting in-game did Love 
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My favourite n'wah.
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Not even last night's storm could wake you.
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Thank you all so very much, glad it resonates with so many of you! appreciate it 
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C превьюхи чувствуется русская школа Х) Изображение просто супер, по-морровиндовски атмосферное!
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This is just fantastic, and so true to the atmosphere of the boat and aw gosh. I love how you painted Jiub and the Nerevarine.
Now I want to play again! But I have to keep on painting an Oblivion landscape in my coridor hnnnnnng xDD
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Oh my god i love this!
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Как говаривал Картман, "щика-арно".
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Wow, this is gorgeous.
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Huh, instantly recognizable. Great job.
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This is damn beautiful
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Awesome work, as always! Instant-fave
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I love his awareness of the viewer. Very cool perspective. :)
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Gorgeous depth of field !
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