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Fallout 4 tribute

By Hieronymus7Z
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To celebrate the recent announcement and the series in a whole, here's a fan art wallpaper of sorts.
A set of wallpapers and a few other extras here :…
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TheScathatch's avatar
You say Fallout 4, but to me this evokes Fallout 2 or New Vegas. This could easily be Marcus and Jacob. 
StrongIsSuperMutant's avatar
Yes. Brother smash puny little Metal Man!
ThomasandRiofan's avatar
The mutant looks like Kratos.
Grusnoid's avatar
Super Mutant: Die metal man!
DestroyerX5's avatar
Clearly Fallout got inspiration from Warhammer 40k  XD
Really reminds me of Space marine and Ork
PeacockChan's avatar
The internet keeps feeding my addiction to this franchise and as awesome as this pic is you aren't helping HojoDesperate for NoBuddy-Else 
PIDKID's avatar
this is awesome hope he has a back up or Bowie knife 
katarjin's avatar
welp time for him to grab that gun off the mutie and blow his brains out
MrGoat23's avatar
Wowww nice!

Take a look at this ->
rya31's avatar
and here i was, hoping i could contain myself until fallout 4 came out...
Chris-Redfield-2013's avatar
Dude in powa arma be like: "come at me bro" :D
Tensen01's avatar
Marcus and Jacob I assume :) great picture
Hitman85Pl's avatar
I really like it!
SergeantPanther's avatar
It is a bit of a wasted opportunity to not include the lasermusket.
VATROU's avatar
The Super Mutant reminds me of Kratos. Just saying, everything looks great though.
mustafa931's avatar
hahaha his face really looks like kratos :D
CentificGrafics's avatar
This is great! I love the fact that one of the hands has a pistol :D
Venom-V13's avatar
AmDDRed's avatar
Of Orkz and Men.
StringPetounPing's avatar
Super mutant indeed looks like a ork on steroids. The artist did a great job.
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