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 Basic Outline

Name: Hiyomura Megumi

Nickname: Kei. She ‘chose’ the nickname for herself when, out of curiosity, she asked her mother how to read the character for her name and thus learning about the alternate reading. She eventually sticks to it out of belief that twins should have ‘matching names’. 

Name Pronunciation: Hee-yoh-mu-rah Meh-gu-mee  

Name Meaning: hiyomura = “village of evening fire”; megumi = “blessing” 

D.O.B: 9th November

Nationality: Japanese

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Element: Hellfire (can also be considered as Fire and Shadow/Darkness)


Dimensions: 5’5”-5’7”

Hair Color: Dark blue-black

Hair Style: Slight wavy, layered, and worn to just below her shoulder blades, with her bangs parted in two. Later on (after G-Rev), she starts wearing her bangs parted a little to the left

Skin Tone: Fair

Eye Color: Purple

Personal Style: Kei doesn’t really believe in labels, but if she had to describe her style, she’d say it was a mix of punk, rocker, gothic and street.

Build: Kei is curvy and reasonably built. She is fit, perhaps more so when compared to female peers, with her arms being particularly toned (though not overly muscular or defined).

Tattoos, Markings, & Scars: She has scars criss-crossing her back, from her time in Balkov Abbey. They’re beginning to fade, though.

Extras: After merging with Akayu, her eyes are a somewhat lighter shade of purple, as though hinting at the fire within. She usually sports 3 earrings – one in the shape of an ankh dangles from her left earlobe, while a skull-shaped one dangles from her right. She also wears a gold hoop on her right ear, a match to her twin's.

 Blading Outline

Team: After helping from the sidelines during her early teen years, Kei slowly made her way back onto the Beyblading scene, with two legitimate teams so far. The first was a trio formed with two acquaintances, called Schwarze Kreuz (Black Cross). The second was her tag team with Katou, Crimson Blitz. 

Blading Style: Balanced offensive

Bitbeast: Akayu

Bitbeast Appearance: Akayu is a fox with dark flame-red fur. In the beginning, she wears golden armor, with a headdress that sports a red gem; the gauntlets she wears, though, are silver. Several changes happened during her partnership with Kei, culminating in an awakening of sorts to her full potential. This showed in her chest plate taking on a gradated look, going from gold to flame red, and the ends of the wing-like protrusions being black. Her eyes are a deep sapphire, with her tails usually manifesting as one exceptionally large, flame-like tail. Her ‘awakening’ led to all 9 being visible. 

Special Attack: Hades Sphere – Rings of fire spread outward from Akayu’s position, trapping the opponent. Akayu creates several copies of herself to attack from different directions. Kei tries to refrain from using this because of a possibility of mental trauma, thanks to the convincing illusions. 

Other Key Moves: Magma Wall – Generates a wall of flames that spread outward to blanket the dish and repel attacks.

Flare Blitz – Both a counterattack and an offensive technique, this employs Kei’s Beyblade moving quickly enough to create after-images of itself, Gogyou attacks the opposing Beyblade from many directions and in quick succession.

Inferno Rage – Surrounds the opponent’s blade with fire, and then rushes it from the slope of the dish in order to either slam it out of the dish, or to grind it to a halt.

Blazing Siege – Akayu creates an illusory copy of Gogyou, both to distract and to eventually attack. The real Beyblade attacks from behind, then both circle the opponent and continue to attack in a flower-petal pattern. 

Relationship With Bitbeast: They treat each other as partners and equals, neither one the master or slave of the other. Kei has, in the past, referred to Akayu as her other self. In battle, it isn't uncommon to see one or the other attempting to balance the other one out.

Later in her career as a Beyblader and once Akayu reverted to her true form, blader and bit beast found themselves in something of a symbiotic relationship of sorts. The scientists at Biovolt were unable to eliminate the fox spirit's need to feed off of something to retain physical form. Even if most other bit beasts use a version of this to appear when summoned, Akayu took it to a new extreme, because of her nature as a reaper of souls.

Thus, Kei provides the emotions – both positive and negative – the fox bit beasts feeds off of; meanwhile, Akayu provides the life force, so to speak, needed to keep Kei going during the battle. One explanation for this exchange is that draining the blader of emotion gradually saps her physical strength as well, posing a threat to Kei's overall health.

 Personal Outline

Family: Takeo (father); Yumi (mother); Reiko (younger sister); Ryuji (younger brother)

Love Interest: Hiwatari Kai

Likes: She likes music and books, and dark chocolate desserts. She also likes sunsets and sunrises. She also likes mint or peppermint, hazelnut, and strawberry, and she usually goes for ice cream flavors including those. A preferred vacation spot is anywhere near the sea, and the colors black, red, and purple make her feel comfortable and put together. 

Dislikes: Kei dislikes excessive noise, although she can tolerate the sound levels associated with a Beyblade tournament. Childhood trauma has resulted in an aversion to making mistakes and of any situation where she’d feel trapped or vulnerable. She also takes precautions to ensure she doesn't misplace things, disliking the hint of distress involved in looking for them.

Hobbies: Kei enjoys designing Beyblades for fun, although she doesn't often put such designs into practice. She has quite a few hobbies that don't involve blading, too. One of them is to curl up with a good book and a drink (green tea or coffee, sometimes milk tea). Another is taking walks in the park, or any place she can surround herself with nature. A music-lover through and through, she enjoys listening to it, as well as singing and dancing to catchy tunes. Her desire to be active has led to her trying out several martial arts, including tae kwon do, kendo, and kung fu.

Personality: Predictably unpredictable, Kei usually isn't given to extremes and constantly strives to maintain balance, both within and without. She can be, at turns, affectionate and teasing, gentle and threatening. She is never truly masculine or feminine, taking traits from both and meshing them so that they're indistinguishable. She is both protective and nurturing while challenging and given to rough-housing once in a while.

Backstory: Childhood and early teens: One of the oldest out of four children born to Hiyomura Takeo and Yumi, Kei spent her early childhood years in Moscow, Russia. Concern for her sickly younger twin urged her to convince her father to put his graduate thesis into practice, resulting in an early version of the genetic manipulation techniques Biovolt would later use on chosen Beybladers.

Being introduced to the sport of Beyblading early resulted in Kei and Katou harboring a desire to become professional bladers. Shinjiro, their grandfather and inexplicably a friend of Voltaire's, approved the twins training with the others taken under Biovolt's wing. Of course, he didn't know what this entailed.

Failing a training exercise one day led to the twins and Takeo finding out the hard way what kind of punishments awaited 'weak' trainees, Kei bearing the physical scars from this incident. Since the twins and a younger Tala, Bryan, and Spencer had bonded in the short time they were together, the group of six hatched a plan that would allow Takeo and his children to leave Biovolt without any repercussions.

The same incident involving Black Dranzer that cost Kai his memories of his time in Russia caused the twins to go into hiding.

After leaving Moscow – just in time to spend a few more months with her cancer-ridden grandfather – Kei stayed away from Beyblading, training in the forest near her home. That didn't stop her from watching street matches, and those broadcast over television. She tried to occupy herself learning various martial arts as a way to keep active, eventually settling on kung fu, tae kwon do, and kendo (one-sword style).

Her dream of becoming a professional blader drove her to look for ways to achieve this, eventually leading to her joining the street Beyblading gang Shell Killer – Kai's old gang, as it turned out.

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: After witnessing Kai and Kinomiya Takao's match in Shell Killer's hideout, she left the group, her curiosity about the dragon wielder cementing her decision to leave street blading and slowly ease back into legitimate blading circles.

She started frequenting the BBA's training facilities, eventually meeting Takao one afternoon. She met researcher Saien Manabu, known to friends as Kyouju, soon after. Amusingly, Katou had met the latter first and had been planning to introduce his twin, trying to build their circle of friends in the Beyblading world.

Kei began competing in small local tournaments whenever they occurred, even after the national qualifiers that resulted in Team BBA being formed.

Beyblade 2002/V-Force: She met two other bladers with whom she formed her first team, Schwarze Kreuz. The team didn't last long, though, for various reasons; she was nearing 13 when it disbanded, but she didn't regret it, having learned something more about team dynamics and her own abilities.

She went back to helping from the sidelines along with Katou, helping to train younger bladers at various facilities. She also began working with the BBA chairman in developing new Beyblades. She was in the stands, cheering, when Team BBA defended its championship title for the 2nd year running.

G-Revolution: A family vacation when the twins were 14 made it so that they were unable to join the Japanese qualifying tournament for the 3rd world championships. So the twins spent time at different BBA training centers, and once the championships were under way, they travelled to the different countries when they could, to get a feel for what such tournaments were like ‘up close’.

When Balkov made another appearance, after the championships, Kei silently sided with the Blitzkrieg Boys when they set out to prove that the Russian hadn't actually reformed. Posing once more as a guy, she joined BEGA.

By this time, she was training as an agent for STRIKE, an anti-terrorist organization her grandfather had actually headed before cancer struck him down. All told, subterfuge and playing the double agent wasn't a problem for her. Any information she learned that she felt could help Takao and the others, she relayed to them so they could plan and train accordingly.

She was able to find out the order in which Team BEGA would battle, although the information on each of them was insufficient. Still, Team G-Revaolution was able to send in the right person for each match, even if there was more than a token struggle each time.

Post G-Revolution: The twins eventually began competing in tournaments, however infrequently, both on their own and together, and training with Takao and the others when they could. Kei even went on a few casual dates with Seiryuu's wielder; however, both agreed that they wouldn't be anything more than good friends.

A training session one afternoon had Kai approaching Kei to either tell or ask her something; whatever it was, she never found out. Having removed her jacket due to the heat, she’d inadvertently let Kai glimpse the scars from her time in the Abbey. The phoenix blader confessed that he’d suspected who she was – after all, certain signs were difficult to hide – but had kept second-guessing himself.

With all pretending and secrecy out the window, the two gradually grew closer.  but didn't start dating until their 2nd year of senior high.

Epilogue: After almost 2 years of dating, she and Kai married, having their first child Riku soon after both turned 18. They separated for a while – less than 6 months – when the young toddler was 3 years old, because both thought the relationship had actually been a mistake and wouldn't last. Happily, they got together again, as much for their sake as for their child's. A daughter, Kaoru, came along when Riku was 6, with twins Akira and Mizuki following 3 years later.

While still a member of STRIKE, she eventually switches from being a field agent to a more clerical position (transferring fully to an advisory position after Riku's 16th birthday), especially after one operation nearly finished her off. She's also learning to run the family business, Hiyomura International, alongside Katou. She focuses more on internal operations and does most of her work from home so that she can still be there for the kids during the day.

OOC: So here's Kei's 'main' profile. Some of the details from mini RPs on here were included, although the later outcome stays the same (dating Kai and all that). Again, once the bigger version of the revamped anime appearances are up on my main, I'll link to it if I remember to do so 

Blank OC profile can be found here.
Bigger, combined version of the illustration is over here.

Character, art (c) FlameWingsDawnslight/darkangel-hikari
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