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 Basic Outline

Name: Hiyomura Katoshi

Nickname: Katou (he ‘added’ the last letter because of his twin’s pronunciation of his nickname when they were younger) 

Name Pronunciation: Hee-yoh-muh-rah Kah-toh-shee 

Name Meaning: hiyomura = “village of evening fire; katoshi = “excellent scent”

D.O.B: 9th November

Nationality: Japanese

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Element: Ice


Dimensions: 5’9” 

Hair Color: Dark blue-black

Hair Style: Slightly shaggy/layered cut that falls to the nape of his neck 

Skin Tone: Light tan (he’s a tad darker than his twin)

Eye Color: Deep silvery-gray

Personal Style: Katou tends to wear a mix of street styles, mostly casual with some punk influences. 

Build: He has a runner’s build – not too muscular, but there is tone and definition, and he has wiry strength (particularly in his arms) 

Tattoos, Markings, & Scars: He has a few small scars due to training, including one on his lower torso – just above the hip – because of a training exercise gone wrong while in basic training (before his admittance to the Reserve Corps). 

Extras: He usually wears a gold hoop earring on his left ear, a match to his twin’s

 Blading Outline

Team: He formed a tag team with Kei, named Crimson Blitz, but after a few years, his desire to become a professional blader was dampened. 

Blading Style: Offensive 

Bitbeast: Kooren

Bitbeast Appearance: Kooren is a pale blue, three-tailed serpent-dragon, sporting two wings and two arms – similar to a wyvern. His silver-gray armor consists of a chestplate, gauntlets, and headdress, the last of which contains a blue gem. Like most Eastern dragons, Kooren has blue hair or fur running down the middle of his back, ending in a considerable tuft at each of his tails. His wings are quite big, measuring 20 feet across when fully outstretched – and that’s when he’s at ¼ of his true size.

Special Attack: Glacial Corona – summons large icicles from the ground to trap the opponent, after which Kooren unleashes a hailstorm. At the same time, the icicles move to crush the opponent. There is usually an accompanying flash of light to obscure this. 

Other Key Moves: Frost Stream – Kooren rises up and spews forth a blast of deadly cold air combined with ice particles, finishing off by shooting a larger orb of ice at the opponent.

Frost Glaive – A volley of high-speed attacks executed, first to slow the opponent’s Beyblade down enough for a final aerial attack.

Crush Storm – A zig-zag or multipointed star pattern of attacks is executed while creating icicles whenever lines of attack intersect, trapping the opposing blade in the center and allowing Katou to knock it out of the dish.

Glacier Mist – This defensive move makes use of Katou’s Beyblade’s speed to minimize risk of attacks connecting, while letting loose a flurry of ice particles to confuse and distract the opponent. 

Relationship With Bitbeast: Katou and Kooren’s relationship is built on learning from one another, each usually taking the trait they admire most and slowly incorporating it in their own nature.

Kooren also sees himself as Katou’s guide and protector, although he won’t admit it openly. He also is something of a mentor to the young man, often giving him advice in the middle of a battle. They trust each other explicitly. While the serpent-dragon had been, in part, engineered by Biovolt (an early prototype in the experiment that led to the Blitzkrieg Boys’ bit beasts), Kooren’s innate benevolence and alignment with good has kept Katou from experiencing events similar to his twin’s. 

 Personal Outline

Family: Takeo (father); Yumi (mother); Reiko (younger sister); Ryuji (younger brother)

Love Interest: Tachibana Hiromi

Likes: He enjoys looking up information related to geography, as well as Beyblade mechanics, and he feels most comfortable in shades of blue and green (along with black). Of all genres, he likes listening to hip-hop, even if he claims he has two left feet. Favorite ice cream flavors are pistachio, mint, and mango, but he won’t say no to chocolate.

Dislikes: He’s fine with lazing around now and then, but can’t stand being stuck inside on a rainy day. Extremely warm weather has him running for the nearest air-conditioned space or reaching for a cold drink. He isn’t normally a picky eater, but he isn’t a fan of really sour food (sweet-and-sour or similar pairings, though, are fine). 

Hobbies: Whether from training or simply a part of his nature – he isn’t sure which now – Katou enjoys putting together different Beyblade builds, tinkering with his Beyblade quite often. These little experiments are usually discarded for the tried-and-tested design, whatever it may be. He sees this hobby as separate from designing Beyblades, particularly if from scratch.

When not Beybladeing, he is as much an athlete as his twin, and focuses on learning the 2-sword style of kendo (nitoryu). He enjoys track-and-field events, doing particularly well in the 100- and 300-meter sprint.

He also likes playing video games, especially racing games and first-person shooters; he has a few fantasy RPGs in his collection, though. 

Personality: Outgoing and enthusiastic, Katou appears the opposite of his twin, as far as personality is concerned. He often says the first thing that comes to mind, and is prone to leaping before he looks. This hides a more serious, highly observant demeanor, which can be surprising for Katou's companions when he shows this side of himself. He is protective of those he cares about, and quickly jumps to their defense when needed. While not easily distracted, he can become forgetful if he isn’t too focused on a task.

Backstory: Childhood and early teens: One of the oldest out of four children born to Hiyomura Takeo and Yumi, Katou spent his early childhood years in Moscow, Russia. Unfortunately, he showed himself to be quite sickly and, later, accident-prone. After another hospital stay, a concerned Kei convinced their father to put his graduate thesis into practice, resulting in an early version of the genetic manipulation techniques BioVolt would later use on its chosen Beybladers.

Happily, this genetic manipulation technique was meant to help – and help it did, boosting the young boy's immune system and helping injuries heal faster. At the same time, certain physical skills, such as speed and strength, were slowly enhanced as he grew older. Kei, having undergone the procedure herself to test it, showcased similarly enhanced abilities.

The two were introduced soon after this to the sport of Beyblading, resulting in both harboring a desire to become professional bladers. Shinjiro, their grandfather and inexplicably a friend of Voltaire's, approved the twins training with the others taken under Biovolt's wing. Of course, he didn't know what this entailed.

Failing a training exercise one day led to the twins and Takeo finding out the hard way what kind of punishments awaited 'weak' trainees, Kei bearing the physical scars from this incident. Since the twins and a younger Tala, Bryan, and Spencer had bonded in the short time they were together, the group of six hatched a plan that would allow Takeo and his children to leave Biovolt without any repercussions.

The same incident involving Black Dranzer that cost Kai his memories of his time in Russia caused the twins to go into hiding.

After leaving Moscow – just in time to spend a few more months with his grandfather, who was dying from cancer – Katou stopped Beyblading, contenting himself with tinkering with the spinning tops. When Kei took up kendo, he tried his hand at it as well, focusing on the two-sword style. He tried other sports as well in school, including track and field, finding himself quite good at them.

Both twins also served as the other's main source of moral support at their chosen sporting events, when competitions rolled around.

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: While Kei went on to join a street Beyblading gang, Katou decided to stay in the sidelines, learning more about the physics of Beyblading and how this would affect design and the overall build of a a bey. It was through doing 'field research' – observing trainees at a BBA center – that he met Manabu Saien, also called 'Kyouju'. Through the brown-haired young academic, Katou met Kinomiya Takao – whom Kei had met herself.

The twins were once again inseparable, with Kei participating in small local tournaments and Katou watching from the sidelines and making notes. It was he who called her attention to the finals when it was broadcast over television, pointing out the Russian bladers they'd known only for a short time while younger.

Beyblade 2002/V-Force: By now, Katou was a familiar face at the BBA training centers near Nerima, where the Hiyomura family lived. Like Kei, he helped from the sidelines, this time taking a more active role in helping younger bladers in their training. Where Kei focused on techniques in the dish, he gave more advice on building Beyblades, or modifying them. Both he and Kei were in the stands when Team BBA defended its championship title for the 2nd year in a row. 

G-Revolution: A family vacation when the twins were 14 made it so that they were unable to join the Japanese qualifying tournament for the 3rd world championships. So the twins spent time at different BBA training centers, and once the championships were under way, they travelled to the different countries when they could, to get a feel for what such tournaments were like ‘up close’.

When Balkov stepped forth with his new establishment BEGA, Katou was quick to disbelieve he'd turned over a new leaf. After discussing it with his twin, she joined BEGA while he focused on helping Takao and his friends prepare to face this new threat. He helped Kyouju design the prototype heavy metal blades Team G-Revolution would eventually use, albeit over the Web as he was working from home, acting also as the recipient of information Kei gathered from being in BEGA.

He joined the team in their mountain training area during the last few days, giving feedback and tweaking the individual builds further.

Post G-Revolution: The twins eventually began competing in tournaments, however infrequently, both on their own and together, and training with Takao and the others when they could. His penchant for helping on the sidelines led to him spending more time with both Kyouju and Hiromi.

Upon learning from Kei that the phoenix blader had, in fact, recognized them both, he lost no time in resuming his friendship with Kai, having been roommates with him in BioVolt. The change in relationship among the three, however subtle and gradual, was soon obvious, and all three revealed how they knew each other from their childhoods.

Katou eventually retired from Beyblading and entered the Japan Self-Defense Ground Force, as an officer in the Reserve Corps, leaving Kei to fly solo in her last few years as a Beyblader.

Epilogue: Katou had considerably more difficulty finding his way in life after retiring from Beyblading. Not yet ready to settle down, he focused on his training as a soldier, as well as his work with STRIKE (he was recruited a year after Kei), but kept in touch with his friends whenever he was sent to another country.

His friendship with Tachibana Hiromi eventually grew into something more, and he surprised many when he revealed his engagement to the young woman during a family get-together when Riku, his oldest nephew, was 12 years old.

Katou and Hiromi married a year after the announcement, with daughter Ryoko coming along soon after.

He works alongside Kei in running the family business, focusing more on external operations.  

OOC: So...yeah, 'MT' stands for 'Main Timeline', which is the same one where Kai and Kei are married and have them kids. I seriously tried to shorten everything for the backstory, but...apparently I wasn't able to ^^; 

Once the bigger version of the twins' revamped anime appearances are up on my main gallery, I'll update this with a link to it because reasons. How do you even Beyblade style now OTL

Blank OC profile can be found here
Bigger, combined version of the illustration is over here.

Character (c) FlameWingsDawnslight/darkangel-hikari
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