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Palmannie 2019 | Day 3|1

Hi everyone!!!! 
Here's my Kiwi -tan Annie design for Yamio's event Palmannie!!!! X"D

Palmannie Banner by AnniverseStash
light cherry blossom To take part of our lovely community, please join our
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By purchasing an Annie you agree to the ToS.

Read more about the event here! ♥

Day 3|1

Red-Ring Kiwi by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Red ringed kiwi
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

Kiwifruit is native to north-central and eastern China. 
The first recorded description of the kiwifruit dates to 12th century China during the Song dynasty. 
As it was usually collected from the wild and consumed for medicinal purposes, 
the plant was rarely cultivated or bred.
The skin of the fruit varies in size, hairiness and colour.
The flesh varies in colour, juiciness, texture and taste.

5 by AnniverseStash
Optional Personality: 

A vivacious girl who'll always care about your health and your heart.
She's quite naughty and will sometimes tease you, 
 but really her eyes don't miss anything about you, every little detail around you is noticed by her.
She is trying to learn a lot to improve herself, sometimes disappears, 
but she will always appear to you when you are difficult and do the best for you,
with all  her gentleness [and naughty too].

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excuse me, how to put an image from stash to caption ? thanks for the answer.
Lyriziak's avatar
seeing your art always makes my day! it's always so beautiful .:Bunny in love: her design and the way you draw her is so cute!! 
Skunkyfly's avatar
sdhkfkhkfghjksdhfghskjd the detail is super :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz::iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz::iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
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Ah, they're so gorgeous, I love the eyes.
misellapuella's avatar
I love this so so so so much. 
Luscinia-Rena's avatar
Your designs are always so beautiful! I love the belt ornaments she has on
xMelonDrop's avatar
Ahhhh she's so beautiful! I love all the Kiwi decor. 
Naoryu's avatar
OMG she looks beautiful! 
VoiletPrince's avatar
Hollyyn's avatar
I love the all the vibrant green <3
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