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The Uncanny Valley

By Hidrico
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Inspired by Manfred Thierry Mugler design for Cara Delevingne's British GQ photo shoot.

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That's one attractive robot
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pretty impressive, you managed to make her look not monstrously ugly without making her totally unrecognizable.
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Loving the photomanip/artwork and a fan of the Mugler style fashion robot thing. ^^;
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I love Cara!
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the hell is wrong with you
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what's wrong with me?
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you said it: you love Cara "goblinface" Delvlvvuvingingngnne
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Well, if you don't find her attractive, it doesn't mean others shouldn't as well
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no you don't get it

She's ugly, which means nobody should find her attractive. My personal appreciation has no relation with the fact that she's monstrously ugly, and I do emphasize "monstrous", as in "teratoid", like, freakshow ugly, genetically malformed. Like, feral inbred polysomic abhuman gutterfolk from Chernobyl. Paleontologists from the future who stumble upon her remains won't be able to identify her as human. They might not even identify her as a viable lifeform, instead they'll cross-reference half-translated fragments of XXth century literature and conclude that her wretched life was unnaturally prolonged by the fell powers of the One Ring which further warped her mortal shape into something more horrifying still which scared the locals so much that they drove her back into the bowels of the earth where she met her merciful demise at the hands of cave ghouls who wouldn't suffer such a grotesque creature to pollute their dwellings. 
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Gourgeous art! I really like her face! Usually artists neglect the face design, but you did an amazing job showing her emotions and personality traits. :clap:
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Very Blade Runner-esque.
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