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So, uh, Raja making out with a flathead catfish.

Blame :iconoxyphenisatine: and :iconblackwaltz0: for this one. It's all their fault.

I didn't color the fish so much as google one real quick and smear it's image behind the lineart. Because I am a professional hack.
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Raja is one of my best and favorite characters!
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Yay! Raja fan art! :squee:

I positively LOVE how your illustrated his face, particularly. Nice work!
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(I realize the following scene can't actually take place based on the game's very linear timeline, unless it's at the end, I guess, but anyway...)

Rune: *@ Hahn* "I bet you 500 meseta Raja would make out with anything, even a flathead catfish."

*15 minutes later, by the lake*

Hahn: "...oh dear God..." *gets out wallet*
Rune: *stunned, but can't look away* "Just... keep your meseta..."
Chaz: "Hey, where are you getting all this money, Hahn?"
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Sweet, sainted mother of fuck.

Some visceral, nebulous thing on the edge of the universe has shuddered.
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:iconwtfamireadingplz:My face when

Maybe would help if I had actually played the game.
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I remember this guy from Phantasy Star IV alone.
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