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That's Our Numan

By HidonRedux
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Haven't drawn a Rika yet this year, have I?  Inspired by seeing some Phantasy Star discussion here and there, on top of finally remembering to finish that switch port of PS1, it's time to cram Rika into her- wait, hold up, this is some sort of two-piece? I guess the poor girl deserved a break from being one cough short of a wardrobe malfunction, and now only has to deal with the intense pressure of what's in her, rather than what's on her!

I mean sure it's also less hyperpreg than usual but it still looks plenty big enough, ya know?

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It's still hyperpreg. This is only three months along! ;D Always good to see Phantasy Star art in general and Rika art in particular!
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It's been a while since you've uploaded some Rika! Love it.
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I'm always torn because she's from an old enough fandom that she rarely gets art and thus probably doesn't need her entire google image search be riddled with pregnant fetish fanart, but on the other hand RIKA IS SO CUTE
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Hey I don't mind, I had a Genisis as a kid and one of the games I had for it was Phantasy Star, I forget which one but I'm pretty sure it was 4. Being a kid I just kinda fooled around but still the nostalgia is there. Rika is cute indeed.
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I remember the name of that game: Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium.
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Damn she;s adorable

i WaNNa rUB heR bIG bELlY
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That shy but also super proud expression. The tug of war in her head between “don’t stare” and “LOOK AT MEEEE”. 
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I like her like this, normal pregnant belly that she is showing off to the camera as she models in a two piece bikini.  More please.
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She looks just lovely! I've always loved your take on this lady, and this is one of the best yet.
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Sexyawesome. I've been replaying PSIV and remembering what a great lady Rika/Fal is. She and Chaz are one of my OTPs. One minor critique: her long hair should be visible in the negative space by her elbows. Other than that, it's perfect.
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she looks cute nicely done ^^
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