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Sixth-Generation Lutz

By HidonRedux
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So, more Kyra. I dunno why but the idea of her and Rune hooking up is adorable.

At any rate there's a good chance their kid will be the next Lutz after Rune's done with the job, since I highly doubt Rune'll take the position to the grave. He seems really, really bad at the job as it is. Er, aside from eradicating the source of all evil in Algo once and for all after 2000 years of struggle, I mean. He did pretty good on that one.

Also note that the Esper Mansion is still one of the most horrifying decors known to man. Guh.

Long story short, Rune and Kyra have a short chat before getting ready for whatever Esperly duties they might still have. Kyra finally got over Space Jesus not being as mythical as she'd like, clearly.

Also I feel like I made her too tiny somehow. Probably the poor cross-legged perspective.
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Cute picture, but doesn't the new Lutz inherit the memories of his predecessors? I'd hate to have to remember being conceived.
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.....OH GOD

Well I suppose I could just BS it and say that without a profound darkness they probably won't bother with all the crazy memory transferring and that Lutz will just become a title of nobility but...

Actually, nah, keep the telepathy orb. Funnier that way. XD
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I ....uh... Well... I like this picture but I have no idea what these characters are from? Clue me in so I can make with the happy faces?
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Phantasy Star 4, an old Genesis/Megadrive RPG.
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Rune is the guy, Kyra is the girl.
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OMG RUNE!!!! *fangirl spaz*

Uh, if Alys saw this, she'd cut a bitch... ;)
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But she's dead.
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It IS an adorable pairing. Rune might not be the Lutziest Lutz ever, but he seems to make up for it by working on those abs.
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SPACE JESUS, HAHAAA!!! :iconrdsoawesomeplz: Seriously, that was the most epic, most hilarious line I've read all week. Thank you, man! :D
And definitely one of your cuter pics, even if Kyra does look a bit too young. :shrug: Love it! :+fav:
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I wish I could provide an accurate critique, but I really can't. This is a really nice picture, capturing the very sensual and intimate side of third trimester pregnancy. They look like a couple that are really making the most of a magical time in life.
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Great picture. The subject matter is very cutely done, and both characters are beautifully drawn and coloured.
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Slowly pan to the left, and you can see him... lying there...

OH ZIO, THE HOLY ONE *seizure*
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PffffftHAHAHAAA, that was so epic. You get a llama for that line, you just made my day! :highfive:
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