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Numan Anatomy

By HidonRedux
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It had mostly been a joke when Chaz had suggested she try on her old combat suit and that she "wasn't that huge, honest," but a part of the numan girl was morbidly curious anyway.  It had to have been a joke since she was easily three times the size she was the last time she'd worn it, and even then it had already been resown to accommodate what they initially thought was just an early growth spurt in her pregnancy.

This was before they'd come to learn just how serious Seed was about the whole 'Palman race improvement' thing Rika had been designed to help prod along. As of the most recent sonogram courtesy of a recently visiting Demi, the two hunters were expecting somewhere in the area of twenty-four children, give or take any particularly active ones hiding from the scan. And despite this, the numan girl had also been designed to carry all of this to term, which never seemed to come up during her brief yet intense education curriculum before leaving Birth Valley.

They took it relatively in stride.  Chaz was barely sleeping anymore and spent most days wondering where they'd even keep two dozen babies, let alone how they'd raise them, but Chaz was always worrying about one thing or another.  Rika was scared too, of course, but surmised there must be some other latent aspect in her genetic coding that was keeping her relatively calm about the whole thing.

It also didn't hurt that they were loaded from long hours dismantling most everything coming out of Vahal Fort, of course.

So, if only to provide a bit of levity and perhaps a tiny bit of excitement to her over-stressed husband, she figured she'd try and squeeze herself back into the tiny one-piece and at least the gloves and boots, since she was very certain she'd never get the actual armor on over her fantasticly engorged bosom.  Besides, she'd been leaking milk almost constantly for the last few weeks, her glands going into overdrive to prepare for the oncoming storm, and she didn't want to end up cleaning cheese out of her breastplate if she ended up back in combat in the next few years.

It didn't start well.  Her gloves and choker went on nice and easy, but her boots could barely stretch around her significantly expanded thighs.  After about fifteen minutes of grunting, straining, and reaching around some of the most awkward angles possible, she finally got the pair all the way up and, upon standing back up, split them both down the seams.  She was briefly dismayed, but then realized they were staying up still and were a lot less cramped, she moved on to the main event.

The one-piece took around an hour to get on, all told.  She was exhausted, her babies were furious at being shifted around so much and kicking like mad, and in the end it was all very uncomfortable.  The suit pinched tightly at her back and waist, and the less said about it's lack of presence at the rear, the better.  The thing could even remotely contain her massive belly, with the leg holes stretched way out of proportion, and left the girl with feeling airflow in places also best left unsaid.

Capping it off, her neckline stretched a good three feet out, and still was struggling to leave her enormous breasts with any modesty.  Milk was trickling out at a quickened pace due to all the pressure and heaving and hopping around, and while the suit was still technically holding together, Rika was still hearing far too many ominous creaks and groans from the fabric for comfort.

Still, it was done, and she bounced on the balls of her feet a few times to make sure everything was settled in as much as could be.  

She must have come down too hard on one of those bounces as her water broke as her heels touched down.  Quick as she could, she waddled out to the living room, too anxious to care about leaving a drip trail.

"Chaz! I think it's time!"  After a moment, she added, "And bring a knife!"
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Awesome story and picture and I wouldn't mind rubbing that belly
El-Jorro's avatar
Great story and the picture too. 
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Ah, I love this one! This may be one of my favorite pregnancy pieces you've ever done, and not just because of the super-sized baby bump. Between the massive scale of the pregnancy, the palpable discomfort of the suit (and her determination to fit in it anyway), the personality evident in both the picture and the writing... there's a lot going on here, and all of it's good. So, props for another (particularly) successful art/story combo!
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This is awesome! :D
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Wow, Phantasy Star IV fanart AND it's hyper pregnancy to boot, holy moses that is great! The story is just icing on the cake.
T-Danger's avatar
She looks fantastic, and I love the story. We need more pregnant woman trying on their old, outgrown clothing.
HidonRedux's avatar
I think it works better if the character in question enjoys it too.  Poor Rika here was just morbidly curious.

And like I mentioned in an earlier comment, it's only improved if said enjoying character works out some way to increase one's size and push the outfit to it's glorious end. So I guess this is missing that front as well. 

abc-de-f's avatar
Yay it's been so long since you drew her! She's so cute!
OfaMightDivine's avatar
It's beautiful :'3!!!
Gravidtron's avatar
Yes, this, pretty much. This can just go ahead and keep on happening, to a greater or lesser extent,  requently but unpredictably. 
HidonRedux's avatar
That or Chaz suddenly gets a Laconian Claw-based vasectomy.
mrMagnarock's avatar
oh dear what  a bad time to be stuck in a to tight suit.
HidonRedux's avatar
S'pose it could be worse. She could've been in the middle of having a big lunch, too.
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