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Aiedo Spa And Health Club -touched up-

By HidonRedux
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Not pictured: the nearby Demi that the hot tub is plugged into since Motavian society has no electricity at this point where did they even get this tub

A-hem. More Rika is always the best answer, but I may as well attempt to get Chaz in on the action I keep saying he's lucky for getting. All things considered I think things went alright.

This may have been inspired by other folks drawing other Newmans in other containers full of water. And me going "BUT WHERE'S THE RIKAS".

Phantasy Star 4, as usual.

wait a minute chaz did find that game gear HOW IN THE HELL DID-
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Very nice! I’m not an artist myself, so I feel a little weird scoring this. In fact, pay no attention to me scorin'!!! Mainly I just want to add my comments, which I hope might be useful from the standpoint of a thoughtful observer. The background—the wooden tub and water—are simple, but they look natural and they work. The physicality of the two characters is also good; no extra-long arms or off-kilter muscles or poses. I also appreciate a lot of the little details… the gal’s ears are an especially detailed and nice touch.

Just two suggestions for minor changes: the guy’s right shoulder kind of comes to a point that seems sharper than would be natural, so I would make it a bit rounder. On the girl, there’s a spot of blue between her left arm and breast that stood out to me. Unless her torso is just floating above her pregnant belly, I think most or all of what we should see in that little triangle would be flesh-colored from her side or back. Again, these are minor nitpicks in an otherwise-awesome picture. Kudos!
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Took a whack at fixing the last two bits, hopefully works better?  My wife was saying the same thing about Chaz's pointiness.  I tend to get TOO caught up in the notion that men have more angles and just end up making sharp corners everywhere there shouldn't be.
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Great on both counts, good sir! The revised version took care of both things I was talking about; and again, really enjoyed this drawing.
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This is a good picture, but can we have the girl by herself?
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That is very cute! Draw more of them! <3
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Nuu, use Wren for powering the tub!  Demi ish too cute! X3

Adorable pic, btw.
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A very cute couple. :D
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Excellent work. The couple look lovely, and the colouring is nicely done, and really sets the romantic mood. The lineart is superb throughout. Definitely one of your best pictures.
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