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In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, we’ll go through
the steps of creating a stylish Wedding Ring.

Saturday, 8. December 2007
Added the Material-Settings!
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Nice!!! More tutorials please!!!! :)
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hmmm can you teach me how to put engrave there? want to make something for my girl :) thanks. tutorial help so much :)
AlaaTameem's avatar
Thank You , it's Nice
HabaHaba89's avatar
Nice job :D
I think I try what kind of result I get by using Rhinoceros.
I bet not as pretty (thanks to lousy renders) as these but something :D
tinakazeh's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial. =D

Much appreciated. =)
Nice and simple, thanks m8.
hidlen's avatar
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Not used to using deviant. Anyhow.
Just started using cin4d. Very helpful.
Thanks for leaving it up.
Thanks for tips!
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thanks alot for the lesson.. your the best
i rate it 5/5
good interdiction
keep on posting more tutorials thank you
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very newbie friendly tutorial.
hourd's avatar
thanks ^_^ nice tutorial
zakzak008's avatar
great tutorial :)
the result is very different from yours your final image doesn't have the same settings of the tutorial i think... btw thanks for sharing some knowledge
Hey, great tutorial, but I ran into a problem, im new to cinema so don't kill me for something easy but, I did the entire tutorial and came out with some nice rings (even made em gold,) but at the base of each ring, just inside the ring, a few pixels off of it, is another flat ring. (heres a screen shot of it.)
PeregrineStudios's avatar
Followed your tutorial exactly, and got this! :D


I will just say, however, you should make a note of the fact that when placing your objects under the Boole, the Torus has to be on top of the Cylinder, instead of the other way around. Had me confused as hell for a while ;)
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I just downloaded Cinema and would love to purchase the program- but it's so expensive- I followed right along with the tutorial- looks good- nice tutorial!!
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Hello! :heart: This useful resource has been featured in my journal this week: [link] Thanks for making it available! If you'd like me to remove it from my journal, please feel free to let me know in a note. (It's the fastest way to get a hold of me.) Happy New Year!!
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you're welcome. :aww:
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I'm trying now :)
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yeah, much fun and you'll see, that's pretty easy. :giggle:
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I did It I Did it but It needs some effects in photoshop thanks so much :)
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