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Just a few thoughts after seeing the movie (spoiler free):

This movie is an important one. It achieves something
that not a lot of war movies can.
Which is staying objective and not using (or exploiting) the perils and real suffering of men fighting in war for the mere sake of dramatization.
Dunkirk is based on historical events. It should not be expected to please or entertain. Think about it: Why would you look at something like war and use it for entertainment? That is just wrong.
I read a lot of reviews by people
who criticized the film due to its lack of 'characters'. Well, this movie has actual humans. Are they telling me they can only feel something when they can identify with a character? If they know their backstory and if they are portrayed in a sympathetic way? “There was no emotion in the film?” “It wasn't romanticised?” Well, then maybe that is a problem with the viewer and not the film (there is always Pearl Harbor.. :v). And for the record, my initial reaction was also one of being a bit underwhelmed, maybe mostly because I expected something different, a narrative type of movie. I was waiting for some gripping storyline, action sequences and fleshed out characters etc, too. (And I will always love Saving Private Ryan) After the film ended my wife quickly said that it is her favourite Nolan film which then made me think twice about it.
This film
requires the viewer to have true empathy. To feel for another human being that you don't know and might not have anything in common with. It teaches us what actual unbiased empathy is.
If you tell a war movie in a subjective way and create favorable and unfavorable characters you're mostly creating division.
Why is one soldier’s death more tragic than another?

I appreciated that the Germans were 'faceless'. They were the enemy in this case, yes. But they weren't painted in an exaggerated, Hollywood-style demeaning way so as to create animosity towards them. The viewer isn’t made to feel hatred. The Germans were simply the historical opposing faction.

This objectivity is nicely reflected in the outstanding cinematography which used many wide shots and aerial establishing shots to show the global action. It focused more on the group, and not so much the individual. It also beautifully showed their movement in a given space. This objectivity demonstrates why Dunkirk wasn't really about individual people or characters, but the bigger group, the bigger picture, as seen in a historical context. (Oh, and dat 70mm film, mmmhh)
If you look at the events of Dunkirk and what meaning they had for the outcome of
WWII and maybe even history, it becomes more clear to choose an objective lens to portray these events in an unbiased way and from an elevated viewpoint. You are literally seeing history unfold from afar.
I had one gripe with the film, which was the constant soundtrack playing. There were no moments of silence but that's just a personal nitpick.
This is the type of movie they will probably show in history class and should.
-Some real cinematic piece of art.

Let me know if you agree/disagree with me, any other thoughts!

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Passage - Martial Arts Drama short film by Hideyoshi


Passage is a personal short film that I first started work on in 2010 (yep long time ago)
It was finished at the end of 2015 and then I submitted it to some festivals so had to wait before I could release it online.
Well, here it is

Besides being an illustrator, I have also been a filmmaker for quite a while, having started with making short fight scenes with my brother all the way back in 2002. Since then I've gradually had a chance to work on bigger professional productions while also shooting personal stuff whenever I can.

I wrote, directed, edited, choreographed this one and also composed/performed the guitar music while playing the lead character. What can I say, I love every aspect of the filmmaking process :)
In a way it was a project to challenge myself and see whether I could create something with a cohesive artistic vision that permeates the whole film. I find you can only achieve that fully with shortfilms as opposed to studio helmed feature films.

This was first shown at the Asians on Film Festival 2016 and received an honorary mention for best original score. :)
Also screened at the London Golden Scout IFF and Action on Film Festival.

Hope you enjoy, thanks for watching and I look forward to hearing any kind of feedback.


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(lemme abuse the journal for a bit)
I made a shortfilm for this 99 Fire Films Award contest again this year and finally got in the Top 99 finalists from 3700 entries!
The public voting is on and if you like our film 'Kochkunst' we'd totally appreciate your vote for the audience award! :)
The film can be found here:…

It's a 99 second long shortfilm that was created in 99 hours. The idea came from my wife while I took over directing, camera, editing and music.
Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for viewing, not sure if people still read journals around here :P

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I got the honor of working on The Underwater Realm, a big independent movie project about the lost city of Atlantis, nearing its release.
They are making 5 shortfilms for which I made a promotional poster each.
In their latest video blog, you can see 4 of them at the 0:17 mark.

Stay tuned for the movie's (and posters') release very soon!
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So I just saw this movie with pretty high expectations, as you can't help but have them with any Nolan movie.
I didn't want to write a big review or anything but would love to hear some voices about it.
I respect Nolan highly as a movie maker and love almost all of his films. His cinematic syle just really speaks to me.
DKR was good, there was enough to make me appreciate it for what it was. But it's safe to say that I wasn't blown away by it as opposed to the Dark Knight which really is the best in the trilogy. In a way, successful movies tend to be the ones that are able to hit certain trends in society and bounce off of the zeitgeist so to say. The timing needs to be right. Somehow I believe that Nolan's large scale narrative movies have already been embedded and embraced into mainstream so they don't stand out so much as something new anymore. Society's trends are fast paced I feel. Landing a big hit once is fairly easy but doing it repeatedly is the real challenge.
Mad props go out to elevating a comic book character to such an epic and in depth scale in a trilogy that definitely is a huge achievement in movie making history.
Opinions are always subjective and you could probably go as far as explaining away any plot hole or ironing out uneven elements that one deems in need of explanation but others won't. It's just a matter of taste and how you choose to look at it I guess.
There are some plot elements that I didn't like so much and toward the end, some choices seemed a bit too forced or even unrealistic but it always stands against certain limits in a movie format and artistic liberties. If a director chooses to tell aspects in certain ways, let them. It's their vision after all they are bringing to life and I know from own experiences how demanding filmmaking is. (Honestly, sometimes I get annoyed with 'hard core fans' who extensively go out bashing every movie they can find, trying to sound superior when they have never tried to make a movie themselves.)
Personally & negatively speaking:
I didn't like some of the one-liners this time (which seemed to be taken straight from a Michael Bay movie) but then, we're looking at a PG-13 movie.
One of the twists they used at the end was just bad in my eyes. It ruins a lot of what is told up to that point and just didn't seem right.

Joseph Gordon Levitt's role was probably the most cleverly used I think. I really like how his character filled the story.

Anyway, what did you people think? I am curious to know how a 2nd viewing would affect my opinion.
The other day, I watched the Prestige for the 3rd time and I feel it's one of those movies that get better with repeated viewing.
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Just found a neat little trick in Photoshop CS 5 by accident and wanted to share.

Anybody who has always wanted to have a shortcut for the color picker: Alt+Shift+right-click brings it up! Not sure if this works in CS4, too. It's different than the standard picker also, the color selection is swift and intuitive. Hover over color, release buttons!
So whoever didn't know, this comes in handy I think. :)
Well, if not, that's also ok. The world still goes round.

PS: Also, brushtool selected, clicking alt+right-click and dragging resizes brush.

I wonder how many comments I'll read about how I was the last person to know these things lol.
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I will be in New York for a couple days! :)

That is all.
Plz be good while I'm gone.
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I enjoy painting fanart/redesigns. Any suggestions for what I could paint? Curious to know!
Anything goes! I need some inspiration!

It would also be interesting to try interpretations of certain characters in a different genre like Steampunk etc. maybe

So far, I did stuff like Dark Knight, Star Trek, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Akira to name a few.

I am finally making my driver's license, it's fun! :)
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3DWorld had a big feature on
in their August 2010 issue (sorry, late update :P ), front cover material! It had a nice article on the production from concept stage to finalizing. You can still back-order this issue btw.


And as I announced earlier, I created a tutorial on this piece (Light Mansion) in Rob Alexander's


The book also has a double page spread of my Megastructure piece beside 2 others of mine - pretty cool stuff :)
Megastructure by Hideyoshi
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Not sure whether I am gonna regret this but what the heck!

My brother & me worked on a music video as actors and fight performers.

Yeah, that's right. I have never talked about this secret passion of mine on here but there is always a first! :P
Anyway, it's a music video for a German band from Frankfurt called Morning Boy. The new song is called Trippin Children.
We choreagraphed, directed and also edited the fight scenes. The rest was done by Alain Brunotte, a young filmmaker from Mainz.
The video is featured on a pretty big German TV station's website - Pro Sieben!!

So, here you go:

:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:
(sorry, only available in Germany :( )
Hope you enjoyed this, I am the guy wearing black btw... :)


alternative link:…

Heck, I don't know why I am posting this here... :P It's still art, isn't it...? Oh yeah, and I painted the Sumi paintings on the wall and also retouched the childhood photo :)
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Howdy from Tokyo!
Been here for a while now, it's a different world but I like it better each day! I still feel like a stranger and a little isolated but it'll be fine. Meeting friends is a welcome exchange from staying in this guest house. I hope my japanese will improve in heaps.
Shibuya is maybe not as crazy as I thought it would be. That, or it's not yet dawning on me that I am actually in Tokyo.
People are so different here. They mostly keep to themselves it seems, feeling a little detached around them. And then they have occasions with 'forced' socializing. It's all about wearing different masks and playing multiple roles I guess. Maybe I am not as japanese as I thought I was...
Hunting for artbooks is fun but there are not as many as expected.
Found Sentinel II by Syd Mead which is almost a must-buy but it's 6800 yen which is quite a bit... I think I will give in eventually :D
Got some Ghibli books at Mandarake which turned out to be just archives so I wanted to return them - unsuccessfully :( Got a couple other nice ones though :)
If anyone knows secret places for artbooks, let me know! So far, I have checked 2 Mandarakes and a few Book Offs where they have nice sales.
The weather is hot and humid but I am not really affected by it. Does me good.
Watched Inception the other day: finally we have something absolutely original coming out of Hollywood and done at such perfection it's refreshing. This movie is going to create a whole new pop culture classic just like in the old days when we had franchises like Indiana Jones or Alien that affected a whole generation. Nolan is probably the best director working in Hollywood these days and I am looking forward to seeing Batman 3. Or maybe 'Inception 2: Dream bigger, darling'? :D
And do I sense a Joker replacement/flashback scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt?

EDIT: went to Nakano, Broadway the other day - it was golden!! Thanks to everyone who pointed that out!
I found two books I had been looking for everywhere - Kusanagi background illustrations vol. 2 and 3 :)
And then I found Syd Mead's Oblagon which was just too good to be true! For a laughable 4200 Yen which is roughly 38 Euros! Will get that other one (Sentinel  2) in Akihabara later as well :P
Also, today I found out that Mr. Mead had been working on a new book title for the last decade which will hit shelves in October! OMG, check it out and get it, y'all! :D…

I will climb Fujisan some time soon, that will be an adventure! Also gonna check out the Ghibli musuem and most likely be at Dr. Sketchy in Shibuya Tokyo on 25th of August. :)
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Yo folks,

I will finally be traveling to Japan very soon! :) First I will spend some days in Korea and then stay for 2 months in Japan! Tokyo is my city of choice where I will be for most of the time and travel around as much as funds permit.
I will actually be continuing to freelance over there so don't hesitate to contact me with inquiries since I can certainly use some extra pocket money :P
Hey, maybe I will find my lost motivation and inspiration once I am there! ;)
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Folks, it's out!!!
Azureus Rising, that animated shortfilm that I worked on for David Weinstein is finally done!! Wow, I am so excited!!
It actually won Best animated picture at the Malibu Film Festival and received awesome reactions from the audiences.
As you know, I worked as art director/concept artist on this, creating all the designs for the scorpion tank, the flying drone, cars and of course city-scape, the wall area including the turrets (heck, I even designed the lamp posts). Plus, they seem to have used one of my paintings as a matte background :D
I should be able to post all the concept art that I did on here, so stay tuned!

And now... please enjoy Azureus Rising in HD on youtube!

:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

Be sure to check out the website as well with additional info on making of etc.!

:bulletblue: :bulletblue:

edit: lol, please don't give me more credit than I deserve, guys! I was responsible for most of the concept art, but this was written & directed by David Weinstein and his crew worked hard on the 3D modelling and animation. I was not at any screening as well and don't know a lot about the project itself other than what is on the website.
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Assuming, someone was to write a book titled 'How to paint Science Fiction', what would you guys expect and hope to find inside? Obviously, it would contain an introduction to the genre, design aesthetics and elements popularly found in Sci-Fi, followed by practical education, right?
I'd really like to hear a few more specific things from you if possible. What would you like to find in such a book that would help you in creating Sci-Fi art?

Don't ask why I am actually posting this rather weird journal entry...and please don't assume anything I didn't actually say :P

Thanks folks, I'd appreciate any thoughts on this!

AVATAR - updated with more rants

Wed Dec 16, 2009, 10:54 PM
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<img src="…"


Just came back from a pre-premiere 3D viewing of Avatar.
It was a sheer blast and impossible to describe with words as the experience is something I have never witnessed before.
Serisouly, don't watch this anywhere else than in a 3D cinema! You will realize for the first time what it means to really get immersed into a fatastical world.

For those who don't know, James Cameron developed a new 3D stereoscopic camera system ('Virtual Camera' ) that allows him to see his actors turned into CG characters and set in CG environments in real-time while shooting and also lends extensive 3D depth to the images. CG effects are no longer an exclusive part of post-production that need to be inserted afterwards but can be viewed and altered during shooting according to the director's and actors' needs.

Find all the details here and here:……

And now look forward to seeing it on the big screen in 3D (and nowhere else...)! :D


Story-wise it's pretty familiar stuff but with lots of incredibly rich new concepts that make this a unique saga. I read that Cameron invented a logically built-up new language with a linguist just for the movie and created a Pandora encyclopedia (Pandora Pedia) naming and describing every animal and plant on the planet. You can literally feel and see the energy that went into creating everything. The creature designs alone are stunning!
This is a BIG comeback for Cameron, he spent the last 12 years on this and actually waited for technology to reach a level that would enable him to shoot Avatar. Now that's what I call dedication.
There is a few scenes and one-liners that are a little cheesy, but I think Cameron very-well managed to create what one would call a new Sci-Fi - Fantasy Epic.
He's planning to make this a trilogy.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. This has Sigourney Weaver in it :3

Now I can't wait for his Battle Angel Alita...

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<img src="…"


The whole world needs to see this...

:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:

best thing I have seen in a LONG time! I have watched this over and over!

Now the best thing about it: this was done almost entirely by one 21 year old japanese fellow!
Talk about inspiring and mind-blowing!
You can find his blog address with images on making-of in his youtube channel. All in japanese though...
There it says, that this took 2 months of thinking and preparation and 6 months to create.

Ah yes: here is a translation of the dialogue in the vid for you guys!

Fumiko: "uh... uh, please go out with me!"
Takashi: "sorry, I want to concentrate on Baseball right now."

when she runs through the alley, screaming:
"Takashi is such an idiot!!"

Fumiko: "I will make miso soup every morning for you!!" (japanese way of a marriage proposal)
Takashi: "sorry, I want to concentrate on Baseball."
*Fumiko drops dead


EDIT: embarrasing, wrong link indeed ><'''''

Transformers 2

Tue Sep 29, 2009, 6:38 PM
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<img src="…"


I hate Michael Bay.

Gosh, do I hate him.

District 9

Tue Sep 15, 2009, 4:13 PM
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<img src="…"


District 9 was a real treat!

Go watch it!
Unfortuntely I saw it in German and realized just once again how synchronisation can diminish the quality drastically... :/
I thought it wouldn't be such a biggie with no-name actors, but I was wrong.

I was mostly impressed with the development and transition from nerd to badass of the main character - that was very well done and believable! This newcomer's acting was top-notch!
Also the VFX were incredible of course.
Interestingly, the story was way different from what I expected from seeing the trailers...

Now I wanna see it again and also look forward to a very possible sequel! :)

I think that rumoured Halo movie of Mr. Blomkamp is equally gonna rock... :D


Fri Jul 31, 2009, 2:04 PM
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<img src="…"


WOW, right?…

Cintiq 12WX - wer will eins haben? :)

Fri Jun 12, 2009, 9:19 AM
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<img src="…"


Für die Deutschen unter euch:
Ich vekauf grad mein Cintiq 12WX bei ebay höhö...
Wer's haben will, nur zu! Schön bieten! :D…

Auf Wunsch auch mit Signatur von mir mit fettem Edding auf dem Tablet screen!