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Witch in the White City


It was so cool to work on this book cover, with my ever favorite Victorian Steampunk aesthetics.
I actually modeled the actual Ferris wheel as well as surroundings from the Columbian World Fair of 1893 very closely after photos. Even made sure to light this accurately with how it could have been possible with light bulbs from that era. Everything is to scale. Researching all that was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately I lost the huge Blender file in a hard drive crash. (does anybody know how to fix corrupt .blend files?)
The cover art I could retrieve from the client luckily. But sadly can't render any other views from the scene anymore :(

The novel is up for pre-order on Amazon:

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really cool piece!

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It's gorgeous, and I feel your pain, but... could you explain how the gondolas fit around the building?

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Beautiful image. My condolences on the hard drive crash (hardware failure to a digital artist is the equivalent to a fire for a physical artist, or the very least a carless cleaner [I can't tell you how many times I and my fellow art school cronies lost projects to the dust bin]).

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A beautifully compelling piece. Wonderful lighting.

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