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Underground EOW-revised

yup, another EOW - "Underground"

PS 7, 7 hours no ref.

"We have reached the 9th Sub-level now and are descending upon the remnants of the old city in the 2nd Omega quadrant.. The light is barely managing to penetrate through down here and all we hope is that the 'Marders' haven't spotted us so far.
This is gonna be a nightmare..."

did some heavy tightening up on this image, as I thought this had good potential. All together I put in some 10-12 hours now.
Gotta be one of my own fave pieces... :)
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hey, I found your work on the cover of this release by Fushara..…

the release name's Alpine Descent EP, I have no idea if you were aware of any of this?.. (just trying to be helpful here)
you do amazing work! 
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:iconmotherofgod2plz: this just mouth-dropping. amazing!
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Impressive lvl, the architecture/the facilitys look very imposing for sure
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The blue circle around the ship is really jarring for me--it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the piece. Is it a shield around the ship, or a ring structure that the ship is flying through?

Other than that, I love how much mood the smog adds :-)
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Love all of your sci-fi environments!
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This is incredible! Great work man.
Holy crap. I want to live there.
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very have a nice progress!
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Looks great - why odes only one of the ships have a blue ring though?
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Amazing gothic mood, well done :-)
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ahh that is cool
love it :)
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I love all the detail and just the size of it all. ;D
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it is very very gd
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great futuristic city,very well detailed. I also like the perspective!
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inspirational truly. i think you should write a story to go with this one, how epic it'd be :)
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Raniksdream's avatar thats helped me alot im writing a story(more of a manga) that takes place mostly underground thnx to this i can come up with more ideas and helps me visualize diffrent types of underground cities
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awsome, I love it!
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