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Train Station - episode 10

blargh, can't get it right these days.

episode 10, wanted a hero I had to break the wide framing :/

1h, no ref.

edit: fixed the head position
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Is this the end... Or the beginning? 😊 this story is just awesome.
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was about to really start from here... who knows, maybe Ill pick this up again some time
May I use this image (with citation) in my iBook I am making for a school project. It will be a free book so no money made.
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There is a story told right here...slight but there. I like it.
Thank you.
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:o...Epic Awsumness!
Anastas2002's avatar
The ubiquitous "trenchcoat & katana" suddenly became cool again. You've given it new life. :)
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this is super badass.

it reminded me of one of my early characters... oh well :D
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What type of storyline would you be going for?

I'm picturing a William B. Hand DSG topic:

Anonymous Samurai Boards Train, Scours for Enemies
Hideyoshi's avatar
hehe ask Will to do that topic! :D
Halfshavenbananas's avatar
Like these a lot - you ever thought of making them into a comic strip with a writer?
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hum, that could actually work, yeah :)
But I should prolly paint the sequel frames first :P
one day...
Hero little looks like Van Helsing(Hugh Jackman)
But,Really cool!)
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such a bad ass pose very awsum!!!
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Great to see the Train Station back in action again.

Although you could have had the hero shot while still keeping the wide format. Would have looked even cooler. (know what i mean?)

Bah. I just love speedpainting. And I envy everyone who is great with it. (which is not the best adjective for it. As you cannot be great at arts. You are always striving for it :))
Got to love the tonal balance, the use of warm tones, and the single strokes showing. Awesomeness.
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hey boys theres a new sherriff in town and he's here to dispense some justice....the painful kind
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gettin better and better
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I want that coat.
Hideyoshi's avatar
hehe, I got one like that :)
Mirdraaal's avatar
ooh undead looking cowboy samurai
devianb's avatar
He definitely makes an entrance like that, just like they did in old Western flicks.
gadgetguy606's avatar
this reminds me of V for Vendetta a little bit.
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