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Train Station - Episode 8

By Hideyoshi
It's starting.

Personal favourite of mine so far, this is the feel I was going for with this one! :)
Maybe I should have added some shocked people visible in the frame, but I didn't want to ruin it...

1 hour in PS 7, no ref.
used a new brush mainly here.

Surprised with this episode...? :)
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© 2008 - 2021 Hideyoshi
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I am a voice over artist and I am doing a project where I add voices to people's concept artwork to help aid their characters and bring them to life even more! Any chance I could do one for this amazing character? Also, any back story or lore on the character also helps! Thanks for the amazing artwork! Have a great day!
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yo well that sounds cool! If you really wanna do it, go for it.
But I don't have any backstories etc. i can only tell you that it's a bad guy lol
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Here's a link to the preliminary vocal stuff. I want to bring him to life more, because I love your character! Hope you enjoy and might be kind of what you imagined! The final product will be studio quality!  
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not bad yo! So you just make this for fun?
cool to see thsi interpretation of the chara either way
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ha Thanks! Yea, it is basically to help me with my character acting and also gives the artist a fun interpretation of their piece!
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Great! I did a preliminary recording of it, almost like a male Shodan mixed with Paarthurnax. I'll send you a link to the dropbox when it's done! Thanks for lending me your character for this voice!
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Wow, it looks like works of Tsutomu Nihei! You are great!! I like all your "Train Station" series.
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Reminds me of Blame!!. Good stuff.
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wow! nice concept
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Very cool atmosphere, very bad ass original char, nice job!
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What's the deal here? Did you eat loads of cheese the night before you painted this?! :)

Love it
SLURtheMusicJunkie's avatar
Oh god, nightmare fuel.
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Fantasticly freaky... good work
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i love this painting :)
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It looks like an character from DMC!

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beautiful picture :D
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just amazing its really cool drawing
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characterdesign: 1A!

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brilliant work......:)
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reminds me of something by Tsutomu Nihei great job!
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