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Titan Fortress - E.O.W

Did this for the newly established Environment of the Week (E.O.W) contest over at with the topic being "Titan Fortress".
Took 8 hours in all think, done without reference (as usual).
I am not so pleased with the lighting and design actually.

here is a small sidestory I made up which each contributor had to include with the finished artwork:

>> Neo-Tokyo has been leading in producing the world's largest megastructures ever since. In 2051, Crystal Intrusanet Corp. invented a new Titanium alloy that lead to creating a new form of high-tech living facilities yet only being available to the upper class which could afford it. The so-called X-Arches are small cities in their own providing enormous living space and a versatility of convenience goods. These Titan fortresses are planned to being established in all the global power-states by the end of 2070. <<
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Amazing! I was browsing google for visual inspiration for the scifi novel I'm working on. Hope you don't mind I pinned it to my pinterest board with a link to you. I'll remove it if you want, just let me know.
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This is simply amazing!I like the whole city,it's like I'm living in the city.
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OMG that's great !!
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I fall short of words. Amazing.
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I love your cityscape !!!
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Really inspiring stuff :)
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amazing gallery, i dont know why you think using reference is like cheating, i think its a very important part of design
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man just can believe haw freaking awsome it is
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yuor avatar is also freaking awesome :D
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god god very god ... ; )
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very cool great concept

please visit my gallery[link]
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Very cool looking, even though the thought of such a separation of society is frightening! But i would still love to see it!
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hehe, I'd like to see something like that for real as well :)
Diggg everything! The only thing is, I'm looking for a new poster for my wall, and this would be perfect, but I want it to be big. any chance you could modify it to be slightly more detailed and remove the main x-arch? I like it, but I'm into skylines and the x-arch in the front kind of takes away from the view. pls let me know if you're willing. I will gladly pay for good-looking work
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This is extremely cool. I love the arches and the Venice-like waterways are a great touch.
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Brilliant work !
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Really neat idea, I'd certainly would live in those things. 8D The coloring is really awesome, I like how techinical it is but not photorealistic looking. :)
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i love this... so much
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This is very excellent work! :clap:
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looks good.. but best in smaller size.. there's something about the perspective that seems a little skewed. Might be the break of the river in the left corner..
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This is amazing. how did you manage this in eight hours??? O_O
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beautiful, what can i say more
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