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The Tower

Latest digital artwork.
I did this for an upcoming book title about drawing fantasy landscapes, that will release in the USA.
The same publisher is also releasing a book about drawing and painting robots soon. I did two commissioned pieces for that. Can't upload those, sorry!

Photoshop 7, 10 hours?, no ref.
edit: got confirmation about actually being featured in that book! Yay!
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farnea's avatar
really beautiful
RUMMAKER0's avatar
looks like they are propelling themselves with fart
ShadowWhirl's avatar
So many people say they have this book and I want to look at it - what is it called and by who?
Hideyoshi's avatar
lol i am not absolutely sure which book it appeared in (dont have the copies at hand right now; have work in several titles), but it was most likely this one
fawad87's avatar
you are awesome man,wow
ageshero's avatar
Do you have a list of brushes you use ?
Hideyoshi's avatar
i used very standard brushed in Photoshop 7 for this back then.
ageshero's avatar
I cant get over this, this one hits me in the heart, i have this chase seen planned in my big story, and there are men with Jet packs, i have some concept art of them in my gallery somewhere, anyways, just feels like a part of me i have yet to get to see just yet, because i would love to reach this level. Because this alone would be decent to make my story come to life. Love it.
VincentRutel's avatar
OMG You did this???!!?? I have the book your talking about, just got it, and of all the pics in it this is my fav. Keep up the brilliant work mate.
Hideyoshi's avatar
lol thanks! :) Yeah, I painted this a looong time ago, 2004 :P
I bought that book before this...was I ever surprised. XD
Andreous's avatar
Stunningly great drawing, there!
Awesome painting! Tell me, how did you get your start making money off your art?
Ghost-Angel17's avatar
omg i new ive seen this picture before!!

i have that book :P i was looking through it and i though i recognized this :P
Ghost-Angel17's avatar
:) your really talented :D
catlinq's avatar
like ~Gaea89, i got this book a while back and always loved this image, but i only just realised that i've been watching you on dA for a while now (':

amazing picture !
Njasha's avatar
The perspective is awesome! It's like you're falling into the picture. And all those details... Great work...
bloecher's avatar
10 houres!? I would need the time to create a scribble ;)
and hey, I have this book too! its great to find that many artists here and browse there work.
FilmmakerJ's avatar
There is not a frase good enough to tell you how good this picture is. The closest I can use is F&#*!N AWESOME!
Ray9's avatar
Like a "Blame!" manga
BlakeZ's avatar
hey man i saw this book in Australia, i think im gonna get it. i really like the jet streams
cathel's avatar
Hey ! I bought the book in Poland :) You've made really good pictures :)
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